APPT8 Manila Day 3: Lina recovering well, final table set

If the story of the first two hours of the final table has been about anything, it was about Maria Bernadette Lina surviving and Michael Guzzardi's continued domination. The only lady left in the tournament, Lina started as the shortest stack and managed two significant double ups through Thanh Ha Duong as well as eliminating Hiroshi Naito.


Maria Bernadette Lina has doubled up twice and eliminated another player

It did not take long for action to occur. Lina moved all in from under the gun and got a call from the big stack Duong. Lina showed A♦5♦, a whisker ahead of Duong's K♦Q♣. The 2♥2♦3♦ did not specifically improve either hand but Lina now had a monster draw as well as retaining the lead. The J♣ turn was a brick, as was the 2♣ river. Lina doubled up to around 190,000 while Duong dropped to 660,000.


Hiroshi Naito was knocked out in 11th place

Lina's stack then continued to improve when she eliminated Naito soon after. The Japanese player moved all in and Lina reshoved behind him. Naito's K♥7♥ was dominated by Lina's A♣K♠. The board ran out 6♣8♦8♣5♣J♠ and Naito was eliminated in 11th place winning 162,000PHP.

With two tables of just five players each, the short-handedness of the event was clearly going to favour the more aggressive big stacks. Bernando Angeles had looked the most likely to be the final table bubble, he'd moved all in three times but each time he received no callers.

Lina hit her second double up against Duong with A♦K♥ against {Kc]Q♠ after the board bricked.


Daniel Belov finished in 10th place

Then, just as I was writing this post about how we were heading into the third level with ten players still, action happened in the first hand back. Daniel Belov, who had been the chip leader after Day 1A, had moved all in with A♠9♠ and chip leader Michael Guzzardi called with 8♠8♦. The board came K♥6♦7♦7♥Q♣ and Guzzardi increased his chip lead. The Australian has been utterly dominant since late last night and has nearly 40% of the chips as they start the final table. Remember to stay up to date with all the action at the top of the page. There is also a full list of player profiles here.

At the break, Nicki Pickering managed to snag Lina for an interview: