APPT8 Manila Day 3: The home hopes fall

I've covered a lot of final tables but I have to say the rail supporting the three players from the Philippines is one of the most impressive I've seen in a while. The support is about three rows deep, passionately partisan yet entirely good-natured.

We lost our first player of the day. Ranjeev Kanjani had moved all in with T♠T♥ and Daniel Giang had moved all in behind him with A♥K♠. The door card was an ace and Kanjani couldn't hit a third ten on the A♣4♣5♠Q♦8♣ board.


Ranjeev Kanjani was eliminated in 9th place after losing a flip

Soon after Maria Bernadette Lina pushed all in from the small blind with A♦9♣ for 112,000 earlier, the crowd swelled instantly as Sameer Rattonsey made the call with 3♠3♦ in the big blind.

"Ace, ace, nine!" requested one ambitious member of the rail.

The flop came down J♦T♦T♣ and almost instantly there were loud cries for a jack.

"Queen of diamonds?" said Michael Guzzardi mischievously.

Instead the 2♦ came down and Lina's draw had gone from decent to huge. The river was the 9♦ and it was placed upon the table to a solidly supportive cheer.


Maria Bernadette Lina finished in 8th position

Unfortunately for Lina and her supporters, the good luck did not last long. Soon after, she moved all in with A♠K♥ from under the gun and Guzzardi made the call in the big blind with 4♣4♠. The board came 2♠8♣Q♥Q♣T♠. The crowd were subdued but not so much that they couldn't manage a loud round of applause for Lina's achievement.


Andreas Rauh was out in 7th

Her exit was quickly followed by that of Andreas Rauh. Rauh also fell to Guzzardi, the former's 4♥4♦ unable to find a set against the latter's 7♦7♣ on a Q♥K♠5♠K♣2♣ board, leaving just six players.


Mike Takayama busted in 6th place just before the break

At this point, we thought we'd be heading to the break with six players as there was barely enough time for another hand. However it was one that saw yet another casualty and sadly for the rail, it was one of the two remaining Filipino players. Mike Takayama had moved all in on an 8♠4♠2♥ flop with A♠9♠ but Thanh Ha Duong was going nowhere with J♣J♦. Takayama could find neither ace nor spade on the T♦ turn and 4♦ river and was eliminated. The rail broke out in forlorn applause once more, all their hopes now rest with Bernie Angeles. It's going to be hard to look beyond Mike Guzzardi though, the Australian now has over 50% of the chips in play.

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