APPT8 Manila Day 3: Time to go from eleven to one

There's just 11 players coming back for the final day of the Asia Pacific Poker Tour event here in Manila. Just two players will need to be eliminated and the final table will be set and we can begin the speculation of who will become the next champion of the APPT.

At the moment, it's Michael Guzzardi who is the chip leader at this point. The Australian has a gigantic chip lead as he holds 1,512,000 in chips which is about 30% of the chips in play. It's twice as much as second place and three times as much as third. Guzzardi cashed several times previously at both the APPT and ANZPT as well as making a final table at the WSOP.


The floor staff have carefully set everything in place

Thanh Ha Duong is in second place with 762,000 while Daniel Giang is third holding 528,000. Giang was responsible for eliminating the bubbe boy Renato Villanueva yesterday. Mixing it up with the medium stacks are Sameer Rattonsey (480,000), who made the final table of APPT Cebu back in 2012 while Day 1A chip leader Daniel Belov is still hanging around with 437,000.

Andreas Rauh (336,000) Mike Takayama (309,000) and Rajeev Kanjani (237,000) will be looking over their shoulders a little more anxiously. The big stacks are far more likely to go after them than the real short stacks.

Speaking of the short stacks, they are Bernardo Angeles (102,000), Hiroshi Naito (94,000) and Maria Bernadette Lina (92,000), Lina being the last woman still in the tournament but with a little under eight big blinds, she'll have to make some moves very quickly.


Expect to see these all-in triangles a lot today

Once the final table is set, I'll be posting a full list of final table profiles up on the blog. For a full list of the chip counts and hands as they happen, please check out the links at the top of the page and stay tuned to the PokerStars Blog as this tournament plays down to its exciting conclusion.

In the meantime, Nicki Pickering investigates how the Welcome Party went down with the players on the 71st floor at 71 Gramercy: