APPT8 Macau Millions: Then and now

Back in 2011, the world was a scary place. Moammar Gadhafi and Osama Bin Laden were still alive and the PokerStars LIVE room was in the Grand Lisboa.

By the end of that year, none of those things were true.

History happened and PokerStars LIVE set up shop in the City of Dreams. There, the Macanese poker scene continued to expand and the room housed the largest tournaments in Asia.

While there was a small lull in the Macau Millions from then until now, it was due to the move and getting everything just right.

PokerStars LIVE has been keeping up with the times to keep players happy. While food and drinks can sometimes be scarce in poker rooms, PokerStars LIVE keeps each table fully-stocked with water and there's a little tricycle cart with food to keep players full.


Taste on wheels

PokerStars LIVE is also bridging the gap between online and live poker. Right next to the tournament area, there are now several tables equipped with screens at each seat with a large monitor in the center.

Players receive their cards on their personal screen and the rest of the action gets played out on the big one. The tables are quickly filling up as curious onlookers and busted tournament players seek their next poker fix.


The future of poker?

The tournament has also evolved slightly. Before, there were seven day ones, now there are six. But while there are fewer days, there's more incentive to play them now. Last Macau Millions, surviving another Day 1 gave players another HKD $8,000 mincash. This year, players will get HKD $11,000 for qualifying a second time.

This means that a player could earn up to HKD $63,000 by playing and surviving every day one. That feat has yet to be achieved though and it probably never will as most players have a hard time making it past just one day.

Fast blinds and a 7 percent survival day make this a minefield. A minefield that Team pokerStars Pro Celina Lin has yet to survive.


Celina Lin

While Lin has won an unprecedented two Red Dragons and got second in another, she is now 0-13 for Day 1s at the Macau Millions.

Lin recently hit the rail, but she just hopped over to the registration desk and then back into the tournament area. Now Lin while either add another notch on the Macau Millions bustboard or score her first cash in this event.

Another Macau Millions veteran in the field today is, Raiden Kan. Kan is a regular in the PokerStars LIVE Macau room and has cashed in both Macau Millions events.

We'll see if he can make it three.


Raiden Kan

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.