MPC23: Day 3 live updates

10:10pm: Qi Luo eliminated in 10th place ($HK137,000)

The final table is set!

Qi Luo just got the last of his chips in preflop against opponent Yuefeng Pan.

Luo: A♣8♠
Pan: J♥J♠

Luo desperately needed an ace to avoid being the final table bubble boy. The 8♥Q♣K♣ paired his eight to give him a little help before the T♣ turn brought both flush and straight draws. The rail was calling for cards and on the A♥ river Luo celebrated until he realised that hitting two pair made Broadway for Pan.

Luo will have to be content with 10th place and receives HK$137,000 for his efforts.

We'll have everything you need to know for tomorrow, including seating draw and chip counts soon on the PokerStars Blog!

mpc23 day 3 qi luo.jpg

Final table bubble boy - Qi Luo

10:00pm: Jingrong Ji eliminated in 11th place (HK$112,500)

Jingrong Ji just found the exit after getting all in with K♦T♠ against the A♣7♥ of Mingmin Wu.

Ji needed to improve to avoid elimination but couldn't find any help on the 2♦9♦5♠8♥6♣ runout. He finishes in 11th place for HK$112,500.

9:50pm: Qi Luo finds a double

Qi Luo moved his super-shortstack all in from the cut off and after tanking in the big blind, Zhixiong Tan decided to call it off.

Luo: K♦J♦
Tan: T♣5♦

Luo was in front until the 5♠A♦8♣ flop gave Tan bottom pair. The Q♦ turn was one of the best cards Luo could see without hitting as he now had both flush and straight draws. Luo and the rail cheered as the dealer flipped up the 2♦ to complete his flush.

Luo rises to 580,000 in chips.

9:40pm: Marin Yum eliminated in 12th place (HK$112,500)

Marin Yum was just eliminated by way of an unlucky river.

She was all in with 8♠8♦ against Zhixiong Tan's K♥3♥ but with the board reading 7♦J♣4♥6♦K♣ Yum failed to dodge a king on the end.

Yum finishes just shy of the final table in 12th place for HK$112,500.

mpc23 day 3 yum.jpg

Marin Yum - Out in 12th place

Back to it

The action is back underway here in the Red Dragon. We're only three players away from the final table!

Now begins Level 25 with blinds at 20,000/40,000 and a 5,000 ante.

9:20: Take a break

The remaining 12 players have stepped away for a 10-minute break.

Coverage will resume momentarily.

9:05pm: Wenlong Jin eliminated in 13th place (HK$93,000)

Wenlong Jin's tournament is over after getting his shortstack all in against Tse Jui Tsai.

It was Jin's 9♥9♠ against Tsai's Q♣6♣ and with the board reading 4♠6♠6♦J♦2♥ Tsai's trips were too good.

Jin finishes in 13th place for HK$93,000.

8:30pm: Tse Jui Tsai scores a double

The action was opened by Shao Po Liu from the cut off with a raise to 70,000 before Tse Jui Tsai moved all in for 841,000. After some time in the tank, Liu made the call to put Tsai at risk.
Tsai: A♦J♠
Po: K♣K♥

The flop of 9♦5♦8♦ made things interesting as Tsai picked up the nut flush draw. The 2♠ turn was a brick but the 7♦ river saw the flush come to fruition and Tsai take down a huge pot.

8:20pm: Jiwan Park eliminated in 14th place (HK$93,000)

Jiwan Park was our chip leader earlier today but in a recent hand his tournament run came to an end.

The hand started with Bin Wen Ren raising to 56,000 under the gun and after two calls, Jiwan Park raised from the big blind to 162,000. Ren opted to put in a four-bet to 381,000 and when it folded back around to Park, he gave it some thought and made the call.

The flop came down K♠4♠8♣ and Park found himself all in and behind.

Park: 4♣3♠
Ren: A♦8♦

Park was after a four or three to outdraw Ren's pair of eights and the A♣ turn made his job even harder. Only a four on the river would save him but the A♥ rolled off to see him eliminated in 14th place.

mpc23 day 3 jiwan.jpg

Jiwan Park - 14th place

8:00pm: Nikhil Maheswari eliminated in 15th place (HK$93,000)

Nikhil Maheswari just busted after jamming all in from under the gun. Jiwan Park in the cut off moved all in over the top and with everyone else out of the way they turned up their hands.

Maheswari: Q♥J♥
Park: A♥K♣

Maheswari needed help but wouldn't find it on the 4♣2♠T♠K♦2♥ runout.

He sees the end of his tournament run with a 15th place finish while Park moves up to 850,000.

7:50pm: Ke Shen Shang eliminated in 16th place (HK$73,500)

After an under the gun raise from Shao Po Liu to 55,000, it folded around to Ke Shen Shang on the button. He moved all in for 326,000 and Liu called to put him at risk.

Shang: 2♣2♦
Liu: A♠T♠

It was another coinflip but the A♥6♥6♦ flop saw Liu shoot to the lead. The A♦ turn saw Liu improve to a full house and Shang was already drawing dead. The inconsequential 3♦ rolled off on the river and Shang found the exit in 16th place.

7:40pm: Zenya Yamamoto eliminated in 18th place (HK$73,500); Zoe Liu eliminated in 17th place (HK$73,500)

We're now down to the last two tables here and both Zenya Yamamoto and Zoe Liu were recently knocked out.

Day 1b chip leader Liu got her last 263,000 in preflop and was called by Bin Wen Ren.

Liu: 3♥3♠
Ren: A♥J♣

It was a flip and the A♣T♠J♦ was bad news for Liu. The Q♥ turn meant a king would be a chop but the 2♥ saw her hit the rail in 17th place.

7:30pm: End of the line for Ichinose

The last remaining Team PokerStars Pro Kosei Ichinose was just eliminated in 19th place.

Ichinose jammed over an open before Marin Yum isolated with an overjam next to act. The rest of the table folded and players flipped up their hands.

Ichinose needed some help with ace-ten against Yum's pocket kings. He bricked on the flop and while a ten on the turn brought him a little hope, the river was unable to save him.

The Team PokerStars Pro collects HK$62,500 for his efforts this week.

mpc23 day 3 kosei.jpg

Recently eliminated Team PokerStars Pro Kosei Ichinose

7:20pm: Play resumes

We're back in the action here.

Blinds are 12,000/24,000 wth a 4,000 ante.

7:10 pm: 10 minutes to relax

The 18 remaining players are out of their seats for the second scheduled break of the night.

Play resumes in 10 minutes time.

7:00 pm: Sin slain

Kin Lay Sin was just sent to the exit after a bad beat from Tse Jui Tsai.

Tsai called an opponent's under the gun raise to 40,000, and when it got to Sin in the big blind he pushed all in for 223,000. The initial raiser tossed his hand away but Tsai made the call to put Sin at risk.

Sin: A♦K♣
Tsai: A♣J♣

Sin was in front and that didn't change through the T♠4♠2♣ flop. The J♥, however, launched Tsai into the lead and prompted a roar of excitement from his rail. Sin could still win with a king or queen to make Broadway but it wasn't to be on the T♣ river.

Sin finishes 21st while Tsai eclipses one million in chips.

6:40pm: Zhu ends Chen's run

Jean Chen was just eliminated after a preflop confrontation with Longwen Zhu.

Chen: J♣J♦
Zhu: Q♦Q♠

He was chasing a jack to remain in the tournament but the board landed T♦T♣3♥K♠A♣ to see Zhu's pocket queens hold and Chen sent to the cashier.

Chen finished in 22nd place while Zhu stacks up a total of 1,100,000 in chips.

6:30pm: Liu leaps ahead

Shao Po Liu appears to be the new chip leader and just won a sizable pot against the previous chip boss Jiwan Park.

It folded to Park in the small blind who raised to 60,000 and Liu came along from the big blinds. On the A♥9♥3♦ flop Park continued for 73,000 before Liu called.

The dealer turned the 9♣ and Park made a bet of 106,000. Liu called again to see the 7♥ river.

Park bet for a last time to the tune of 126,000 and Liu responded with a snap-shove over the top. Checking back at his cards, Park gave it some deliberation before throwing his hand in the muck.

Liu now sits with a stack off over two million in chips.

mpc23 day 3 liu.jpg

Leading the way, Shao Po Liu

6:20pm: No more Mu

The start of day chip leader Kejian Mu was recently eliminated in the last hand of the previous level.

Mu opened the action with a raise to 32,000 and after Shao Po Liu called, a third player put in a raise to 80,000. It folded back around to Mu who moved all in for around 360,000.

Liu made the call and when the other player folded the two tabled their cards.

Mu: K♣Q♣
Liu: A♣K♦

Surrounded by an animated rail, Mu was calling for a queen to stay alive. The board came down 5♥T♥T♦3♦7♦ to see the former chip leader knocked out.

Mu finishes in 24th place for for HK$54,700.

6:10pm: Level 22 begins, blinds 10,000/20,000 (3,000)

5:50pm: Jongmin Park eliminated

After an open to 32,000, Jongmin Park moved all in with a relatively short stack. Ke Shen Shang on his direct left made the call and with the original raiser out of the way the two players flipped their hands.

Park: A♠3♠
Shang: A♥K♣

Shang was out of his seat with his hands in the air for the sweat. Park was dominated and searching for some spades or a three to continue in the tournament.

He missed the 7♦8♣2♦ flop before the 2♠ brought some chopportunities. The 5♦ on the river sealed Park's fate and he found the exit in 26th place.

mpc23 day 3 jongmin park.jpg

26th place finisher Jongmin Park

5:35pm: Yamamoto stays alive

Zenya Yamamoto found himself all in preflop and at risk in a recent hand. He was flipping for his tournament life against Zongxin Liu.

Yamamoto: A♣Q♣
Liu: 9♥9♦

Yamamoto needed to improve to avoid elimination and by the turn his chances looked bleak on the 6♣5♥T♠4♥ board. The Q♠ river, however, peeled off to save the day.

That hands brings Yamamoto up to around 330,000 in chips.

5:20pm: Chong doubles

Victor Chong just won a flip to keep his tournament alive.

He moved all in preflop for his last 238,000 and after the small blind tank-folded, Jongmin Park called to put Chong at risk.

Chong: 9♦9♣
Park: A♠K♠

Chong seemed unfazed about the situation, casually chatting to Team PokerStars Pro Kosei Ichinose on his left as the 8♠7♣5♣5♦Q♠ board came down. The nines held as Chong scored a nice double up.

5:10pm: Back to the action

Players have returned to their seats for Level 21.

Blinds resume at 8,000/16,000 with a 2,000 chip ante.

5:00pm: First break

There are approximately 30 players remaining here for Day 3 of the Red Dragon and they've just stepped away from the tables for their first schedule break.

Play will resume in 10 minutes.

4:45pm: Early eliminations

Here's a list of the first bust outs of the day.

37th - Neo Li Han Chen
38th - Wei Yao Hu
39th - Seahoon Lee
40th - Xianqi Chan
41st - Jeffrey Iok Seng
42nd - Bote Lin
43rd - Jingsheng Tan
44th - Devang Shah
45th - Yasuki Tsuji
46th - Liang Zheng
47th - Kang Gao
48th - Ning Zhang

You can find the full payout structure here.

4:25pm: Xian out the door

Dinghai Xian was just eliminated after getting his super-shortstack all in preflop.

After an under the gun raise to 30,000, Xian went with his hand for a total of 33,000 before yesterday's chip leader Kejian Mu raised again to 80,000.

The under the gun raise got out of the way and players tabled their cards.

Xian: A♣7♥
Mu: 9♦9♥

Xian was chasing an ace to stay alive but the board T♣3♥4♦K♥T♦ board wouldn't cooperate. He finishes in 32nd place for HK$41,100.

Mu is back up to around 860,000 in chips after losing some during the last level.

4:20pm: Park blazes ahead

We have a new chip boss in town.

Korea's Jiwan Park is currently the big stack. He now sits with over 1,300,000 in chips.

The start of day chip leader Kejian Mu has taken a few early hits and is currently down to 770,000.

mpc23 day 3 park.jpg

Current chip leader Jiwan Park

4:00pm: Level 20 begins, blinds 6,000/12,000 (2,000)

3:50pm: Lucky lady for Liu

Zongxin Liu just caught a lucky river to keep his tournament shot alive after getting all in preflop against Chen Zhang.

Liu: A♠Q♦
Zhang: A♥K♥

Liu was looking for a queen and he found one on the K♦T♠Q♥ flop, however, his opponent also hit a king to maintain the lead in the hand. Liu was still looking for a queen to scoop or a jack to chop but the 6♣ changed nothing.

The Q♣ river then peeled off and Liu began a massive celebration with the player next to him and his friends on the rail. He doubles to around 620,000 in chips.

3:40pm: No luck for Hu

Wei Yao Hu just hit the rail after moving all in from under the gun to put himself at risk. It folded around to Shao Po Liu in the big blind who went into the tank before calling it off.

Hu: A♥Q♥
Liu: A♠K♦

Hu needed a queen to stay in the tournament but the 2♠A♦5♠9♥5♦ run out couldn't save him. He finishes in 38th place for HK$37,200.

3:30pm: Tens no good for Chan

Xianqi Chan recently found himself all in preflop and at risk against the overpair of Tse Jui Tsai.

Chan: T♣T♦
Tsai: K♥K♣

Tsai let out a cheer as the 5♠4♠K♦ flop gave him top set and meant Chan would need running tens to stay alive. The J♥ turn couldn't help and while Chan also made a set on the T♠ river it was too late to save him.

Chan finishes the tournament in 40th place for HK$37,200.

mpc23 pokerstars live macau.jpg

3:20pm: Tsuji finds the rail

Yasuyuki Tsuji was just eliminated at the hands of Team PokerStars Pro Kosei Ichinose.

Tsuji jammed preflop before Ichinose called it off to put the player at risk.

Tsuji: 6♣6♥
Ichinose: T♠T♦

Ichinose had Tsuji in rough shape and searching for a six. The board ran out 3♠5♣3♥5♦J♥ with the pocket tens holding to send Tsuji to the rail.

Ichinose climbs to around 440,000 in chips.

3:10pm: First casualty

It's only been 10 minutes and we've already seen our first elimination here.

Ning Zhang got the last of his chips in against Huafeng Gu on a flop of 9♣6♣6♦.

Zhang: A♣2♣
Gu: 8♦6♠

Zhang was chasing a flush against Gu's trips but the 9♠ turn made a full house for Gu and meant Zhang was drawing dead. The 8♣ did bring the flush but it was too late to save Zhang.

He finishes in 48th place for HK$33,500.

3:00pm: Cards in the air!

Players have taken their seats and Day 3 is officially underway.

There is no definite length to proceedings today as we'll be playing down until a nine-handed final table.

Blinds begin at 5,000/10,000 with a 1,000 ante and the average stack sits at 289,285.

Welcome back to PokerStars LIVE Macau!

The penultimate day.

It's time to fight it out for that elusive Red Dragon final table.

The 48 remaining players will be making their way into the poker room soon for our 3:00pm.

Leading the way is China's Kejian Mu who was the only one to bag up over a million chips yesterday. For a full recap of the Day 2 action and the other chip leaders you can click here.

Stay tuned for Day 3!

mpc23 day 3 intro.jpg

Brad Kain
@PokerStars in Asia Pacific Poker Tour