MPC23: Final table player profiles

Seat 1: Tse Jui Tsai, 34 (Kao Hsiong, Taiwan) - 2,495,000 in chips

mpc23 tsai profile.jpg

34 year-old Tse Jui Tsai is businessman from Taiwan. He learnt the game of poker from friends and his usual game is HK$100/200 cash. Tsai says the most important part of his success at the table this week has been playing safe even when he was shortstack.

He tells us this is his first impressive tournament result and he's after the prize and glory that the Red Dragon has to offer. Starting the final table as chip leader Tsai has found himself in a good position to take out the title.

Seat 2: Yue Feng Pan, 30 (Guang Zhou, China) - 1,945,000 in chips

mpc23 pan profile.jpg

Yue Feng Pan is a 30 year-old professional poker player with four years of experience at the felt. Pan has posted a couple of tournament results in events throughout Asia, but can mostly be found grinding US$15/$30 cash games.

Pan claims that the final two levels of Day 1 were the most important aspect of his Red Dragon success and says that his friends have had the biggest impact on improving his poker game.

Seat 3: Bin Wen Ren, 37 (Shanghai, China) - 1,715,000 in chips

mpc23 ren profile.jpg

China's Bin Wen Ren hails from Shanghai and works in the stage equipment rental business. He grew fond of poker playing in club tournaments and says he doesn't play cash games.

This is Ren's greatest tournament result to date and he told us that confidence was the key to making it this far. He'll start the final table fourth in chips. Outside of poker Ren's favourite hobby is music

Seat 4: Xong Xin Liu, 28 (Cheng Du, China) - 540,000 in chips

mpc23 liu profile.jpg

Xong Xin Liu has been playing poker for two years and got started playing for fun with friends. At age 28 Liu hasn't had any big tournament results so far but that is guaranteed to change tomorrow.

Liu says this week has been very exciting and he attributes his success to the desire to win. Away from the poker table Liu works as a freelancer and enjoys reading books and watching movies.

Seat 5: Huafeng Gu, 38 (Gu Ningbo, China) - 1,310,000 in chips

mpc23 gu profile.jpg

Huafeng Gu has been playing poker for three years and during that time considers winning a $109 buy-in online tournament on PokerStars his greatest achievement. He also says that Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin is his poker hero and has inspired him to be the best player he can be.

Gu loves the competition of poker and says that remaining calm at all times is what is integral to his success. When he's not playing tournaments Gu plays NL100 on PokerStars, while outside of poker he enjoys travel and music.

Seat 6: Ming Min Wu, 33 (Shanghai, China) - 1,115,000 in chips

mpc23 wu profile.jpg

The MPC23 Red Dragon is Ming Min Wu's first major final table and regardless of where the 33 year- old player finishes it will be his largest tournament result.

Wu has been playing poker for two years and during that time has honed his skills by watching poker training videos. Outside of poker, Wu has a career as a freelancer, but hopes to play more poker in the future.

Seat 7: Long Wen Zhu, 27 (Shanghai, China) - 1,490,000 in chips

mpc23 zhu profile.jpg

Long Wen Zhu has been playing poker for three years and told us he improved by watching training videos. Zhu can usually be found playing 10/20 cash games and says his poker hero is Tom Dwan.

Zhu has enjoyed the challenge that the Red Dragon has brought him this week and says that patience was the driving force behind his final table appearance. When he's not at the felt Zhu works for a finance company and enjoys playing basketball.

Seat 8: Shao Po Liu, 45 (Shenzhen, China) - 1,425,000 in chips

mpc23 po liu profile.jpg

China's Shao Po Liu is a businessman who usually plays $300-$500 tournaments. He has only been playing poker for 10 months and leant the game playing online at PokerStars.

Liu says Day 1 was the most important part of his tournament run and with only US$3,905 in live cashes to his name, Liu has already locked up his biggest score yet by making this Red Dragon final table.

Seat 9: Zhixiong Tan, 28 (Guang Zhou, China) - 2,110,000 in chips

mpc23 tan profile.jpg

Zhixiong Tan is one of the more experienced players at this final table with some previous final tables in Macau and a win in Korea's Phoenix Open. His results are even more impressive considering he has only been playing the game for three years.

Tan is a 28 year-old businessman who says he's self-taught and credits Day 2 for most of his success in this tournament. Outside of poker Tan enjoys playing sports.

Brad Kain
@PokerStars in Asia Pacific Poker Tour