APPT Auckland: Man of Steel crushed

By James Potter and Eliot James

The last level today is 300/600 with a 75 ante. This is always an exciting time as some of the good players try and build a stack as other players desperately try and make it through to Day 2.

There have been many short stacks surviving in the last half an hour but the most notable knockout was David “Superman” Saab. Saab had seen his stack dwindled down to 20K before he lost the rest in a “train wreck” of a hand after his top pair ran into a set.

“I can go from chip leader to bubble boy in a matter of seconds, that’s my style. I thought I was in front so I pushed my chips in.”


Up up and away for our superhero.

Peter Aristidou is also on the march and has 45k in chips. Peter is a quite ahchiever on the poker table and is deadly with a big stack. Teresa Nousiainen from Finland also just lost a big pot when her J-J was cracked by A-K but she still has nearly 30,000.

Teresa 01.jpg

Teresa Nousiainen sizes up her opponents.