APPT Macau: Chips are music to Ngyyen's ears


Xuan Nguyen, playing his table like a xylophone

We have a new chip leader over at Andrew "I won a race!" Scott's table. Xuan Ngyuen, a highly-successful online player, has been bossing Scott, PokerStars sponsored player Emad Tahtouh, and the rest of the table relentlessly with raise after raise. Even when re-raised himself, he has fearlessly come back over the top to force other players to fold. However, just when the temperature seemed to be rising to boiling point, he has changed gears, and is calmly nodding his head away to whatever tunes are emanating from his expensive MP3 headphones.


Johnny "Not Terrence" Chan, this is definitely the life

Most of the other tables have been happy to play small-ball poker and engage in pleasant conversation, as the average stacks are large relative to the blinds. Some are enjoying massages while they play.


Van Marcus, more than one way to give a poker lesson

Over at PokerStars sponsored player, Van Marcus' table, a tournament director was called to explain to another player who had mucked his hand after being called on the river by Marcus, that in order to force another player to show their cards, they needed to show their own. It was all very friendly, and Marcus was happy to show everyone his winning two pair as a gesture of goodwill once it was all sorted out.

The only issue today appears to be the requirement for head tournament director, Danny McDonagh, to continue to remind one table not to mark the cards, as players are complaining about fingernail marks in the cards. The dealer has been instructed to check all cards as they are folded by the players.

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