APPT Macau: Andrew, don't split those 10s!

There are 21 players still in the APPT High Roller field at the Grand Waldo Casino in Macau: an appropriate figure given that former professional black jack player Andrew Scott has just taken out Roger Spets.


"Go you good thing!" Andrew Scott rides quads to a nice pot.

After Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem made it 2200, Scott called, Spets pushed all-in for 16,000, Hachem folded and Scott called, showing pocket 10s, which were in a race against Ac-Qs for the Swede, now living in Malaysia.

Spets connected on the flop, but so did Scott (As-4d-10c), and just to make certain of it, the remaining 10 fell on the river to give Scott quads and send Spets, the only player to make two APPT final tables last year, to the rail.

Matt Kay ran A-9 into the pocket eights of the ultra-aggressive Xuan Nguyen, and the Canadian was on his way up the escalator for one of the cash games on offer at PokerStars Macau when the board came 8d-7h-3s-2s-5c.

Tyler brainwash Cornell has also been eliminated - he pushed for 23,000 from the small blind after Quinn Do's initial raise. The US-based Korean showed pocket queens, with Cornell needing help (A-9). Do hit a queen on the flop to leave Cornell needing plenty of help.


Up and down start to day 2 for Johnny Chan.

Johnny Chan has been riding the roller coaster in the past 30 minutes - he was up to 80,000 after Xuan Nguyen folded to Chan's bet of 15,000 on the turn of 2d-Qc-Kd-8s.

But Nguyen struck back soon after, committing his stack of 21,000 on a flop of 8d-Jd-8h, with Chan making the call. Nguyen showed Kc-Jc for two pair, while Chan was chasing the flush with Kd-Qd. He failed to connect, taking Nguyen back to 65,000 and dropping Chan to 50,000.


Barry Greenstein bows out in 20th place.

And the Team PokerStars Pro contingent has been reduced to one after the elimination of Barry Greenstein. After Quinn Do raised to 25,000, Greenstein shoved over the top with Do making the call. Both had live cards - As-Jh for Do and Ks-9s for Greenstein. The Jd on the turn was the killer card for Greenstein, who bowed out in 20th position.


Van Marcus, eyeing his second APPT final table.

However, the PokerStars Sponsored contingent is going strong, with Assadourian (109,000), Van Marcus (60,000) and Ivan Tan (60,000) all still in the hunt for a spot at the final table.