APPT Macau: Anyone for fishing?

After an early flurry of all-ins at the beginning of the day, the average stack size has increased to the point where most players are comfortable playing small-ball poker. Only a couple of players are occasionally being forced to put everything on the line with an all-in.


Andrew Scott, prefers poker to fishing

One of those players is Andrew "I won a race!" Scott, who was just all-in on a hand with PokerStars sponsored player, Van Marcus. With the board showing Kc-4c-5s, Van asked Scott: "Should I call? I've got three seven of clubs." "You can go fishing all you like, Van," Scott replied, "you won't get anything from me." Marcus considered this comment only briefly before saying: "I got enough," and folded his cards. Marcus continued talking however, this time to Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem, also sitting at their table; "I'm a nice guy to talk to though, hey Joe?" Hachem just laughed in return.


Eric Assadourian, "Where's my 'one time'?"

Eric Assadourian also wandered by the same table and noticed Hachem was below the average stack size. "C'mon Joe," said his countryman, "one time!" However, after considering his statement briefly, he changed his mind: "Actually, one MORE time Joe! For the rest of us, it's 'one time,' but for you, it's 'one more time.' Again, Hachem was just left to chuckle at the dry Australian humour pervading the otherwise general quiet at the tables.

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