APPT Macau: Big stacks, good players, no hurry

In last year's APPT High Roller event in Macau, it took five hours to eliminate the last six players before the final table line-up was decided.

The writing is also on the wall that the remaining 14 players are in no hurry to commit their chips as we tick into level 10 (800/1600 with an ante of 200) on day two of this year's High Roller event at the Grand Waldo Casino.

After Danny Wong's remaining 24,000 in chips went in with pocket jacks only to find Quinn Do with pocket aces, the 16 players were redrawn into two tables of eight.

At table 14 were PokerStars Sponsored player Eric Assadourian Quinn Do, Nam Le, Johnny Chan, Wei Will Ma, Yury Kerzhapkin and Charles Chua. The line-up at table 20 featured Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem, PokerStars Sponsored players Van Marcus and Ivan Tan, Steve Silverman, Julian Powell, David Steicke, Mike McDonald and Andrew Scott.


Julian Powell finishes 16th.

We've since lost one player from each table - Powell's short stack went in with the worst of it holding Qh-8h against Tan's As-Qs, and stayed behind with the board running out 6s-6c-10c-4s-4d.

Javad Abrahams' hopes of reaching successive final tables (he was eighth in the APPT Macau main event) ended when he raised Johnny Chan's bet of 10,000 on a board of 3c-10s-4d-Kd to 22,000.


Eighth and 15th - not a bad week for Javed Abrahams.

Chan called, and showed pocket fours for a set, with Abrahams' Kh-Jh needing help. However, the river came the 7h, and the impressive youngster from the UK was out in 16th position.

Then just before players took their break, Johnny Chan found himself in a pot with Wei Will Ma that would cost him most of his stack. With the board showing Kh-3c-4d-2c, Chan checked, Ma bet 12,000 and Chan called.

The river was the 10c, Chan again checked, Ma bet 20,000 and Chan stopped in his tracks. "I think you have ace-five," he said before calling. Ma showed Kd-Jd for top pair, Chan mucked and stormed from the table.


"Your kings are good": Johnny Chan takes a hit.

There's been little change to the leaderboard with David Steicke (177,000) narrowly ahead of Wei Will Ma (170,000), Charles Chua (140,000), Mike McDonald (121,000) and Quinn Do (120,000).