APPT Macau: Chinese poker torture

We have now ticked past three-and-a-half hours of this 10 seated "imitation" final table. The larger stacks are no doubt regretting their decision to agree to redraw to a 10-handed game, when if the five-handed structure had been maintained, "on the balance of probabilities," everyone would be tucked-up in bed by now.

Johnny Chan, short-stacked for most of this time, requested a new dealer at one stage, when he was dealt aces, but the second card released by the dealer, hit Chan's tiny chip stack and flipped face up.

The two-time WSOP main event winner's frustration was plain. Some 30 minutes later however, when Will Ma raised from the button, Chan moved-in from the small blind for his remaining 27,500. Ma felt he was priced-in and called with J-3. Chan showed a "lucky" pair of eights, and even a three on the flop presented no danger to the American, as a third eight also appeared, doubling him up to almost 60,000.


Johnny Chan, gets through a sticky moment.

Andrew Scott quipped to Chan, "I thought we weren't going to have to worry about you tomorrow, Johnny." Chan responded: "It's not me you have to worry about," as he pointed to David Steicke, and then said quite loudly, "Sticky!" Everyone in the tournament enclosure laughed uproariously at this light-hearted moment.