APPT Macau: Every rail has a Silverman lining

Steven Silverman has joined the railbirds on the other side of the ropes here at the Grand Waldo Casino. The American held the shortest stack for the majority of the time since Mike McDonald's departure, and only had one move; all-in.

However, he had recently felt a bit more comfortable following a double-up courtesy of PokerStars Sponsored player, Van Marcus.

His larger stack was short-lived however, as continued aggression of the all-in kind, ran into the pocket aces of PokerStars Sponsored player Ivan Tan. Silverman had a pair of sevens, but their one-in-six chance to improve did not eventuate, leaving him gasping on 2200 in chips.


Steven Silverman, the small blind leading him all-in

Next hand, Silverman's small blind and ante ate up 1600 of those, so he committed the remaining 600 to the pot. Andrew Scott, found an ace and queen to take into battle against Silverman's 7-5.

The board connected with neither player's cards, seeing Silverman exit the APPT Macau tournament area, three places short of the high-roller payouts. His elimination also saw the players redraw for a 10-handed final table, and play will continue tonight until one more player is out on the "official" final table bubble.

Meanwhile, David Steicke's chip wall continues to block all-in-vaders (yes it's bad, but it's starting to get late ...)


David Steicke, will he or won't he make the final table this time?