APPT Macau: From one master to another

If you work regular hours, then 9.30am might be time for a coffee break; but the life of a Team PokerStars Pro player is a little different. This morning for example, at 9.30am Barry Greenstein was in the lobby of the Grand Waldo Hotel waiting for a van to take him to a APPT Macau promotional shoot.

Previous APPT shoots of this nature have included bungee-jumping and surfing; this time it was a Tai Chi lesson with a local Chinese master. Also along for the ride was up-and-coming PokerStars sponsored player, Celina Lin, and the face of the APPT final table TV broadcasts, Miss Australia 2006, Erin McNaught.


APPT hostess, Erin McNaught, in the Garden of Lou Lim Loc

After a short ride, the van deposited this group outside the "Jardim de Lou Lim Loc" in the heart of Macau's casino district. This garden is something of an oasis in the middle of Macau's concrete jungle, and to the naked eye it is very peaceful ... but for the noise coming from the apartment and casino construction sites right next to it.

Waiting for Greenstein, Lin and McNaught, in the garden, was a blue suited Tai Chi master and a TV crew. A change of clothes was in order, and soon all three were wearing the black garb of novice players in this Chinese martial art.


Erin McNaught, Barry Greenstein and Celina Lin learn "The Graceful Crane".

Then underneath a Chinese pagoda, which itself, was standing on stilts over a lily-pond, the master proceeded to teach Greenstein, Lin and McNaught a basic Tai Chi pattern to perform in front of the cameras.

Lin and McNaught seemed to pick it up pretty quickly, with Greenstein needing a little extra attention from the master, although he had no trouble learning the Tai Chi "push" move ... something he is very familiar with as a master of poker.

The Team PokerStars Pro player felt so comfortable in his Tai Chi suit, he decided he'd wear it today at day two of the APPT Macau High Roller tournament. Remember that "push" move, Barry!


From "The Graceful Crane" to the "Chinese All-in!"