APPT Macau: Hachem clocks-off, thanks to Timex

The last Team PokerStars Pro in the APPT Macau High Roller event field, Joe Hachem, has been eliminated in 13th place.

Short stacked after losing a big pot to Andrew Scott, Hachem successfully committed his chips twice to scoop up the blinds and antes and was trying to make it three in a row when he pushed in for 10,000 in the small blind. But Mike timex McDonald called before Hachem's chips had hit the felt, and showed Ad-10h to have Joe's Ah-9h dominated.


Emad Tahtouh works the mic, but to no avail for Joe Hachem.

Joe asked PokerStars Sponsored player Emad Tahtouh to call the flop, which came 5s-Qd-4c. The turn was the 3s and river 5c, sending Hachem to the rail just four spots short of the money.

All the action has been at table 20 where in the past level, PokerStars Sponsored player Van Marcus doubled through McDonald, then David Steicke lost a big pot to McDonald but recovered to put a huge dent in the stack of PokerStars Sponsored player Ivan Tan.


We're getting used to watching David Steicke stack chips.

At table 14, Wei Will Ma is wielding his stack effectively. He recently overtook Steicke for the overall chip lead. Russian Yury Kerzhapkin has also been eliminated after moving all-in pre-flop with pocket nines and looked well placed against Nam Le's pocket fours. But the board fell 5d-As-6c-3c-4h to give Nam Le a set on the river.


Wei Will Ma: Tidy stack and very tidy player.

There are 12 players remaining and three more to be eliminated before the final table has been decided. Blinds are at level 11 (1000/2000) as the next break approaches.

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