APPT Macau: Slow boat to the final table

There is one heck of a lot at stake at this "unofficial" final table of the APPT Macau High Roller tournament. The remaining 10 players have been foxing with each other for close to two hours; unwilling to put everything on the line, when the potential for much greater rewards lie only one elimination (and not theirs) away.

Players have been making small jabs at the blinds and antes from position, and often being quite happy to give up pots to small re-raises pre-flop.

The most action took place when Andrew Scott raised from early position, was re-raised by Will Ma on the button, and after some consideration, came back over-the-top for close to 50,000.

Ma played the "how much do you have?" game for a bit, before consigning his cards to the muck. "Why can't you give me cards like you gave him?" Eric Assadourian asked the dealer, while indicating to Scott. The other players mumbled their agreement to the implication that the Australian had held rockets.


Will Ma, aces (allegedly) keeping him honest.

In another hand, David Steicke performed a delayed re-steal from the big blind, on Nam Le, who was on the button. After what seemed like the first flop we've seen in a whole Chinese dynasty, Steicke led out on the nine-high board for 10,000, forcing Le, who had only 70,000 chips, to fold his hand.

Steicke flashed a nine as he mucked his cards, eliciting another comment from the PokerStars Sponsored player Assadourian, "I'm giving you a new name ... 'Always Hits Steicke'." Team PokerStars Pro, Joe Hachem, who was standing around at the time, responded immediately, "no, he's The Machine".


Nam Le, in the shop for some "machining"

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