APPT Macau: Stop the clock ... on Timex

The well-oiled machine that is David Steicke continues to hum, having just eliminated another player in Mike timex McDonald. Steicke, who continues to build a very long line of chips, that PokerStars Sponsored player Eric Assadourian calls the Great Wall of China, looked up timex's all-in on a turned board of 5h-9s-7s-9h

Steicke showed pocket jacks, and McDonald turned over Ad-Kd, needing one of six cards to stay in the APPT Macau High Roller event. The river bricked with a 2s, and timex was stopped. Carve another victim up to Steicke.


Mike timex McDonald, sent for "machining"

Since then, the shortest stacks are Steve Silverman and PokerStars Sponsored player Ivan Tan second in this same event in 2007. Over the last 30 minutes or so, these two players have been taking it in turns to move-in all their chips.

Since both have stacks that can still significantly damage the other players, so far nobody has been willing to call them. Meanwhile at the same table, a bit of friendly banter has been taking place between Andrew Scott and Steicke.

Scott has renamed "The Machine's" chip stack, "The Great Wall of Steicke," and promised him he'd take it apart piece by piece ... tomorrow. "I've got a plan for you, David," the Australian said. Steicke, as usual, appeared unperturbed behind his well-constructed plastic edifice.


"The Great Wall of Steicke"

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