APPT Macau: High Roller final table live updates

2.05am: Andrew Scott eliminated in second position (HKD $2.1 million)

Andrew Scott's great run in the APPT Macau high-roller tournament has come to an end at the hands of Nam Le. Scott began the heads-up battle with a 2-to-1 chip disadvantage, and saw that ratio only increase in his disfavour. Le expertly whittled away at Scott's stack until his opponent had little more than 100,000 in front of him, compared to Le's own 1.1 million. At this point, after another button raise from Le, Scott took a stand holding JT of clubs to the American's K2 of the same suit. As the media gathered around for the board to be dealt out, Scott's friend, David Steicke joined him on stage. "Apart from a ragged ace, this is the best hand I've had this whole heads-up session," Scott told his fellow Australian.


Nam Le and Andrew Scott, final encounter

However he did not discount Le's performance, giving the American credit for not allowing him back in the contest... all this before the board cards were dealt. When they did arrive, the board cards showed 6s-Jd-Ks-As-9d, unfortunately not providing Scott with the lead on the hand... despite the "suitedness" of his cards. The HKD $2.1 million (USD $269,230), Scott has earned for his performance at the APPT Macau high roller tournament, is his best ever finish at a major poker tournament.


Nam Le, celebrates with his friends

12.50pm: Quinn Do eliminated in third place (HKD $1.2 million)

Quinn Do's brave run at the APPT Macau high roller event has come to an end. Following a fold from Nam Le on the button, Do limped from the small blind, and then came-over-the-top of Andrew "Suited" Scott's raise. Scott sat there and started chatting away to Do, although it was evident from his opponent that no reaction or response would be forthcoming. Scott was talking quite animatedly, mostly to himself, but then stood up, and moved all-in. Do called and turned over TcTd, while Scott tabled a "Suited" AT (hearts).


Andrew Scott, is this hand "suitable" for a raise?

David Steicke, who finished fifth earlier last night, approached the table at this point to lend a supporting good luck charm to Scott; as they are good friends outside of poker. Do went to stand his support group of J.C. Tran, Liz Lieu, and Steve Sung. They watched the flop appear 6c-8s-Qc, which was no help to the Australian, but an Ad on the turn meant Do only had one out, the Ts, to stay alive in the high roller event. However, a Kd was dealt, meaning Do leaves Macau with increased credibility as a poker player, and HKD $1.2 million (USD $153,846).


Quinn Do, awaits his fate with friend Steve Sung

12.15am: Charles Chua eliminated in fourth position (HKD $900,000) - after finishing runner-up in the APPT Macau main event, Chua's brave run in the APPT High Roller ended after he pushed all-in from the small blind in response to Nam Le's raise to 29,000, with Le making the call.


Not even divine intervention could deliver Charles Chua the jack he desperately sought.

Chua showed jacks, but Le held the edge with queens. The board ran out 3d-Ac-7h-Ad-2d, sending Chua on his way. We're down to three players - Nam Le (808,000), Quinn Do (245,000) and Andrew Scott (175,000), with the blinds at level 18 (5000/10,000 with a 1000 ante).

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11.45pm: Charles Chua's "Chuck Truck" obviously has a return service operating, as he has just given 110,000 of the chips he won from Quinn Do, back to the Vietnamese-born American.


Quinn Do, pumped at finally taking one back from Chucky

With the blinds and antes becoming more expensive, at 5,000/10,000/1,000 respectively, Do moved his remaining chips into the middle with pocket sevens, and was called by Chua's pair of fives in-the-hole. The board gave some chance of a split when it turned 9h-Th-Qh-Jd, but a black 2 on the river kept Do in the 2008 APPT Macau high roller tournament.

11.25pm: Quinn Do has doubled-up Charles "Chucky" Chua once more. After Andrew "Suited" Scott and Nam Le folded to Do in the small blind, he raised it to 25,000. Chua re-raised it to 70,000 and Do came along with a call.


Charles Chua, another donation to his stack

On the flop of 6s-3s-5s, Do sensed Chua may have been trying to steal the pot from position, and put him to the test with an all-in. Do's read on this occasion was incorrect however, and Chua showed he wasn't bluffing this time by showing pocket kings, including the Ks.

His opponent was going to need running cards, because his Ts9h were well behind. An Ad on the turn and the Js on the river completed "The Chuck Truck's" loaded flush. Do is now down to 120,000 and is the short stack.

11pm: Charles "Chucky" Chua has just doubled-up thanks to an attempted squeeze play that went wrong initially, but turned out oh so right. Andrew "Suited" Scott raised it up first, was called by Quinn Do, and Chua, sensing opportunity knocking, moved all-in from the big blind.

The man in the black suit gave up his hand, but Do called, showing pocket eights. Chua rapped the felt: "nice call, Quinn," and flipped over 10-4 offsuit. "Chucky" looked almost resigned to his fate, but PokerStars sponsored player, and last year's winner of the APPT Macau High Roller tournament, Eric Assadourian, lent him some support: "you gotta want it Chucky," he cheered, "call for that 10!"

"Gimme a 10 please, dealer," Chua requested, and although the flop came 9x-2x-5x, when a 10 peeled-off on the turn, Chuck had ridden the "Luck Truck" once more to double-up land.


Quinn Do and Charles Chua, different reactions to that 10.

10.45pm: Andrew Scott has been wearing the same black, pin-striped suit for all three days of this tournament. When quizzed about it, Scott said that he feels lucky wearing it while playing, so it's staying on until he's eliminated ... or wins.


Andrew "Suited" Scott, what's that smell? A bluff?

So far Scott's unchanging apparel is working like a charm, even if that "new suit smell" has worn off somewhat. His making the final four players of the APPT Macau High Roller event, is the best performance of his short poker career. Imagine if Scott wins? He'll probably never take it off and be forever known as Andrew "Suited" Scott.

Oh dear ... we can already see some of the poor humour that could result from this... "Scott eliminated ... at least he was suited..." *groan*

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9.45pm: Andrew Scott has just announced that it's "all-out war" - only half-jokingly - between himself and Charles Chua and the players in seats one and two, Nam Le and Quinn Do.

"This end against that end," he said with a big smile. Charles Chua seems to be on the same frequency as Scott. The current chip counts are Nam Le 436,500, Quinn Do 294,500, Andrew Scott 265,500 and Charles Chua 232,500.

9.30: David Steicke (Hong Kong) eliminated in fifth place (HKD $700,000) - "The Machine" has broken down. David Steicke, chip leader for almost two full days of this APPT Macau High Roller tournament, has been eliminated by Nam Le.

Steicke, who was cruising at the top of the chip leader board only 30 minutes ago, went from chip-hero to chip-zero holding the same cards on both occasions. After losing the chip lead a short while ago with pocket tens against Charles Chua's A-Q, Steicke again put it all on the line with the same holding against Le.


David Steicke: 10s no good twice.

Le had raised from under-the gun for 17,000, folding Quinn Do, but Steicke came over-the-top for 51,000. The blinds folded and Le three-bet for another 100,000, making it 151,000 to go.

Steicke pushed all-in immediately, and Le insta-called, showing two kings in-the-hole. Things were not looking good for the Hong Kong resident, but some hope came with the flop, which showed Jx-9x-8x, providing Steicke with an up-and-down straight draw.

However an 8h on the turn and a 4d on the river ended an otherwise very good week for the trader. He earns HKD $600,000 (USD $89,743).


Nam Le, enjoying his position

9.15pm: As a result of the recent carnage, the five stacks are all now remarkably even. Quinn Do leads on 315,000, Nam Le has 260,000, Andrew Scott is on 210,000, David Steicke is down to 210,000 and Charles Chua holds 200,000. Play has reverted to small pre-flop raises with very few flops as the chips are shuffled from player to player.

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9pm: The action has been running thick and fast between Steicke, Chua and Scott.

Steicke has lost the chip lead for the first time in two days after he called Chua's all-in with pocket 10s. Charles showed A-Q and spiked the Ad on the river to win a pot worth more than 300,000.


Charles Chua is either counting out chips, or stacking them.

Chua hadn't even stacked his chips when Scott pushed all-in from the big blind, Quinn Do folded and Chua called. Scott showed pocket jacks to Chua's As-Qc, and the low board (9d-3d-2s-7c-2h) saw Scott's stack back up to 200,000.


Andrew Scott is providing some good TV content.

8.45pm: Andrew Scott was one of the players who spent time as the short stack when play went 10-handed last night. The Aussie is now under pressure again after losing a race with A-Q against Nam Le's pocket sevens.

On the next hand, it was Steicke's turn to double-up Nam Le when he pushed all-in with K-6 on a board of K-Q-3 only to find the 2006 WPT Shooting Stars champion holding K-Q. As quick as that, Nam Le is up to 260,000. But the roller coaster ride continues, with Le's A-3 up against Andrew Scott's A-9. Scott made a pair of nines on the flop, ensuring his stack received a much needed injection of%