APPT Cebu: Lazy day comes to a quick conclusion

When there are two Day 1 flights at an APPT Main Event, players tend to get lackadaisical about which one they're going to play. One things leads to another, and more wind up playing Day 1b than Day 1a. With three Day 1 flights here in Cebu, many of the players got downright lazy.

We had only 51 players in the field today, 37 of whom were package qualifiers that won their Cebu packages playing on PokerStars. That meant that 14 other players turned up. Given what a great place this is, we can excuse players for taking a day to themselves. Maybe they were busy commemorating ANZAC day. It doesn't matter. We expect that tomorrow and Friday will see significant increases in player participation as we roll out Days 1b and 1c. Especially after the heard that each of the Day 1 flights is being treated to a whole roasted suckling pig.


As a result of the light turnout, the 8-level schedule for Day 1 was reduced to 6 levels. That was still plenty of time for half the field to bust. Carter Gill, who has been mostly absent on the APPT the last season or two, will be back on Saturday for Day 2; former champion Aaron Benton will not. It's not all doom and gloom for Benton though. If he doesn't want to hit the beach or chow down on some mangoes, he can splash around in the low-limit cash games and side events scattered around the room.


Signs are good that tomorrows field should be incredibly dynamic. In addition to another host of qualifiers, three lovely ladies will be joining us. Team Pros Celina Lin and Vivian Im (the reigning Cebu champion) are expected to play, as is Cathy Wong - girlfriend of Team Pro Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier and a formidable player on her own merit. It should be a good day as all of those players chase Day 1a overnight chip leader Han Ruo Goh of Singapore, who bagged 84,300.


But of course, because we played only six levels today, we won't go past six on tomorrow's Day 1b or Friday's Day 1c. That leaves plenty of time to find fun and trouble in Cebu. I've already scheduled it on my calendar because there are some things for which it just doesn't pay to be lazy.

Dave Behr
@PokerStars in Cebu