APPT Macau: Day 2 live updates, levels 13-14 (Blinds 2,000-4,000-400)

8:00pm: Seet leads headed to Day 3
As players finish bagging and tagging, it looks pretty clear Nathaniel Seet holds the chip lead with 774,500. Also included among the finishers are Team PokerStars Pro Jose "Nacho" Barbero (257,400) and Team Online's Randy Lew (145,000). Approximately 100 players remain in the field. They'll return just after noontime tomorrow to play down to the money and beyond. We'll be back with a full chip count and wrap up in just a bit. --BW

7:53pm: Playing coming to a close
Players are taking one more hand and then will bag up for the night. --BW

7:45pm: Patience rewarded for Levy
Grant Levy has had a frustrating day in the PokerStars Macau Poker Room. According to Levy it started earlier in the day when he flopped a set of tens against pocket threes, only to get run down by a backdoor flush.

However things may have turned around for the 2007 APPT Sydney champion after waiting patiently for his moment to double up.

Levy opened the action with a raise and was met with a three-bet by a player on the button. Levy moved all in for roughly another 40,000 to put his opponent to an apparent tough decision. He sighed and tossed out calling chips with A♣J♠ but Levy had the goods with his A♥A♦.

The board ran out 4♥8♥6♣5♥4♠ to give Levy the pot worth 120,000 to see him back in good shape.--BW

7:34pm: Getting closer to the money
We're getting close to the 100-player mark, which means we're only a few tables of eliminations off the money bubble. That will not happen tonight. With play scheduled to stop at 8pm, we'll still have quite a few more than 70 runners left at the end of the night. So, plan your bubble-watch accordingly. --BW

7:30pm: Blinds up
With about half an hour left to play in the day, the players are moving up to 2,000-4,000-400. --BW

7:18pm: A champion's defense
Victorino Torres is the defending champion of APPT Macau. He's still alive, but it's not been an easy day. Check out his interview below. --BW

7:10pm: Ivey's done
His return to tournament poker startled us all. His advance to to Day 2 was no surprise. But now, Phil Ivey's day is done. After bleeding down to just a few big blinds, the three-bet all-in with K♣9♥. Up against A♦J♣, Ivey couldn't catch up. He was gone from the tournament room before his lost chips had been stacked. --BW

6:53pm: Park punishes Kanaan
Korean Dan Park has narrowed in on the chip lead of Nathaniel Seet after a monster hand that resulted in the elimination of ANZPT Sydney champion Michael Kanaan.
It started with Park opening to 6,000 from the cutoff. Kanaan was in the small blind and he three-bet to 16,000 as Park called in position to see a 5♣4♥K♣ flop.

Kanaan led out with a continuation bet of 19,000 and Park made the call as the 4♠ hit the turn. Kanaan checked and Park bet 32,100. Kanaan leant back in his chair before casually waving his hand to declare himself all in. After a count down of chips it was another 47,000 to Park who thought for a few moments before announcing a call.
Kanaan wasn't pleased, as he stood from his chair, knowing that he was in a world of hurt with his A♦Q♦ for just ace-high, although he wouldn't have been too thrilled to see that Park went with a marginal K♠6♦ top pair in such a big pot.

The river landed the J♦ and Kanaan was sent crashing to the rail as Park jumps to 450,000 chips. --HC

6:45pm: Yung outflopped
We're not exactly sure of the preflop action, but the smile of Percy Yung has been turned upside down after her opponent got a little creative and it paid off.
There was already around 50,000 in the pot after some heavy preflop action when the flop fell Q♠8♣8♥. Action checked to Yung who bet 25,000. Her opponent took an eternity and Yung even called the clock before he matched the bet as the 4♣ hit the turn.

Both players checked and the river brought the 2♥. Again it was check, check to a showdown. Yung looked reluctant to show as her opponent opened Q♦4♦. Not exactly a premium hand, but enough to take it down as a visibly frustrated Yung tossed her cards into the muck. She slips to 100,000. --HC

6:30pm: Huang gone
We just caught Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang on his way out the door. When asked about his departure, he gave us a verbal version of a Twitter denouement.

"Three-bet queen-jack. Out," he said. --BW

6:20pm: Wu hanging on
Team PokerStars Pro Raymond Wu has been quietly working his stack throughout the afternoon. Moments ago, a four-bet all-in earned him an extra 15,000 to move him over the 100,000 mark. --BW

6:05pm: 25k here, 25k there
Watching Nacho Barbero is, in fact, a fulltime job. He can take his stack from nothing to 370,000 in a matter of an hour. The reverse of that can also be true. Right now, the swings aren't as big, but he's on his way back down the ladder for the moment. His most recent stumble was an A♣9♣ vs A♥J♦ confrontation all-in pre-flop for a little more than 30,000. He couldn't fund a way to win it and he's back down to around 130,000. --BW

5:50pm: Couple more hours
Tournament director Danny McDonagh has just announced we'll be playing until 8pm and then breaking for the night.

The remaining players are back in their seats and in action at 1,500-3,000-300 blinds. --BW


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