APPT Macau: Day 3 live updates, levels 16-19 (Blinds 2,500-5,000-500)

4:33pm: Break time
Everybody is on break. They'll be back in about ten minutes to continue the fight for the final table. We're going to start a fresh post, which you'll be able to find on our APPT Macau coverage page.


4:15pm: Unlucky treys for Tomita
"Unlucky hand," said Tetsuro Tomita with a smile after being eliminated from the tournament in rather devastating fashion.

The unlucky hand in question was pocket threes as Tomita will be having nightmares tonight about the treys.

First he flopped a full house on a flop of Q♣3♠Q♥. That sounds good, but when the money went in on the river following the A♣ turn and 2♣ river, his opponent Lance Yuen tabled A♥Q♦ for a bigger full house.


As Yuen was stacking up his 480,000 chips, Tomita was all in the very next hand for his last 15,000 or so chips with the pocket threes once again. A few callers saw Tomita beaten at showdown as he was sent to the rail. --HC

4:28pm: Another Chan bites the dust
Terrence Chan supposed earlier that he was going to be a good candidate for the money bubble. Instead, he managed to make it into the money. Alas, he didn't get a great deal further. He's gone in 56th place. He decided to go take a rest and return later for the High Roller, aka "my last tournament of a lousy 2011." --BW


Terrence Chan

4:22pm: APOY update
If you've been keeping up with the Asia Player of the Year race, here's a quick update.

Current leader Shaq Lin has not picked up any more points in the past couple of days. Meanwhile Raiden Kan, the man finished sixth in the 3,000 yesterday to draw within 852 points of Lin. Now, he still has a chance. He told us, "The High Rollers will make it or break it."

That race may be tight, but Kan isn't the only one who can catch Lin. Aaron Lin is still in Day 2 of the 15K event where a first place finish would earn him 1,440 points, enough to take the first spot. Also, if he manages to make the final table, it will be his eleventh of the year, a single-season record. He currently shares the 10 final table record with China's Alex Chieng.--BW

4:13pm: Winners updates
The fine people in the cage here at the PokerStars Macau poker room have started providing us with the list of prize winners today. We'll be updating it periodically on our APPT Macau payouts page.

4:01pm: Barrett enjoys a discount
Josh Barrett opened with a raise to 13,000 from middle position before Thomas Ward three-bet to 27,500 on the button. Action folded back around to Barrett who made the call to see the flop land 8♥9♦7♦.

Both players checked and the K♣ hit the turn. Barrett led out with a bet of 27,000 and Ward made the call in position as the 5♦ was a dangerous looking river card.

Barrett checked it over to Ward who gave a discount price as he bet just 23,500. Barrett quickly verbalized a call as his A♣9♠ was good with Ward tabling Q♠J♦ for just queen-high. Ward drops to 480,000 with Barrett starting to find some momentum with a stack of 275,000. --HC

3:57pm: Rossiter rockets past Scott
Jeff Rossiter is flying high after eliminating fellow Aussie Andrew Scott. Rossiter recalled to us that he held aces against Scott's queens and the rest was history.
Scott is out as Rossiter moves up to 700,000 chips.--BW

3:51pm: Hero vs. hero ends Chan's ouster
Local poker hero Johnny Chan has been eliminated by Australian horse racing hero Shane Dye. Dye turned a straight on the WSOP champion with T♣8♣ on a J♣9♦6♣7♦ board. --BW

3:40pm: No more Tang
Devon Tang is out, at the hand of Manami "Tink" Hayamizu. Tink raised, prompting Tang to shove all-in.. Tink called with her A-Ko and hit an A on the flop emphasizing her lead while Tang missed. A queen came on the turn but the two on the river was no help, and the former MPCC champion took the rail. Hayamizu is up to about 350,000. --JB

3:20pm: Steicke sets up massive chip lead
David Steicke is now the first man to enter the millionaire's club after an enormous hand has just gone down on table one to see our field reduced to the final eight tables.

Three players including David Steicke saw a flop of 2♣8♣A♣ where the preflop aggressor led for 62,000. Steicke came back with a min-raise to 64,000 before the player in the big blind check-raised over both of them with a big raise all in! The first player made a reluctant fold as Steicke deliberated.

It was around 300,000 in total and after a few minutes of thought, the flushy flop didn't deter him enough to fold his 2♦2♠ as he made a big call. His opponent showed K♣5♥ for just the bare nut flush draw which missed on the J♠ turn and K♥ river.
With that incredible pot, Steicke is now a commanding chip leader with 1.1 million. --HC

3:08pm: Day 1a chip leader bubbles
Shih Chieh Su, the day 1a chip leader, just bubbled main event. After bluffing off a big part of his stack moments ago, Su got it all in with J♥J♠ against Ligong Wei's A♠K♣. Wei flopped two kings, Su couldn't find a jack, and the remaining 70 players in the event are now in the money. --BW


Su, back when life wasn't so bubbly

3:03pm: Su bluffing wrong guy
Day 1a chip leader Shih Chieh Su just made a huge bluff against the wrong guy. When the board went runner-runner jacks, Su thought it would be a good idea to commit most of his chips on a bluff. David Man called him down with pocket queens. Su is now in jeopardy of being the bubble boy. --BW

3:00pm: Not hand for hand...yet
With 72 players remaining and two off the money, Tournament Director Danny McDonagh is avoiding a hand-for-hand slowdown as much as possible. He just announced that any player caught stalling will have decision time personally restricted. That's happy news for Terrence Chan who abhors people who stall on the bubble. He said via Twitter, "I verbally abuse the stallers even when the stalling benefits me. I'm an equal opportunity jerk." --BW

2:50pm: Nightmare cooler for Kim
Fabio Kim's run in the APPT Macau Main Event has come to an abrupt halt at the hands of Thomas Ward in a massive preflop clash.

With a raise to 12,000 and a call in front of him, Kim raised to 40,000 from the cutoff. Action was then with Ward who re-raised to 91,500. The play folded back to Kim who announced himself all in but Ward calmly made the call with A♣A♥ as Kim's Q♥Q♣ was in a world of pain.

The board ran out 8♠K♠7♥3♦2♣ and after a count down of chips, Ward narrowly had Kim covered to send him to a disappointing exit just two players from the money. Meanwhile Ward is now up to a very healthy 550,000 chips. --HC

2:43pm: Steicke outraces Finstein
American Michael Finstein opened for 12,000 and got a three-bet from David Steicke. Finstein wasted no time in moving his short-ish stack all-in. Steicke made the call with two red sevens, up against Finstein's A♦Q♠. The board ran out K♥4♣8♥4♦9♥ and Finstein was gone just short of the money. --BW

2:35pm: Tsuchikawa takes a hit
Tetsuya Tsuchikawa just lost a chunk of his stack when his 2-pair was outdrawn by his opponents middle pair (hitting the A kicker on the river). His opponent doubled up and Tsuchikawa remains short at the same table as poker legend Johnny Chan and World Gaming Magazine president, Andrew Scott. --JB

2:30pm: Level up
The players are now back for 3,000-6,000-500 blinds. --BW

2:20pm: Break time
Players are now on a ten-minute break. --BW

2:15pm: Steicke stumbles but still leads
Just before the break David Steicke has lost a small pot. Holding J♥J♣, he called a short-stacked player's push for 54,000 but ran into Q♠Q♣. The board ran out K♦A♣K♠9♠Q♥ to give his opponent a full house for the double up.

Steicke slips to 600,000 but is still likely to be close to the chip lead with Dan Park, Nathaniel Seet and Fabian Spiedelmann all close to that mark. --HC

2:11pm: Bubble approacheth
With 77 players remaining, we're just seven eliminations from the money. Expect a slowdown in 3...2...1...-BW

2:01pm: Su slow but same
Terrence Chan, still a little stung after losing that big pot earlier to Danny Park, just open-shoved for 85,500 and got an immediate call from Shi Chieu Su. David Man thought a good long while before folding from the blinds. Chan immediately flipped up A♦K♠. Su looked depressed. He looked as if he were a beaten man. He looked as if he was embarrassed to turn up his cards. He took so long to table his hand, other players were reaching for his cards. Finally he turned up...A♥K♥. Chan handled it well, requested some black cards, got none, dodged Su's flopped freeroll, and then took his chips back with a smile. --BW

1:50pm: Huntly becomes the hunted
It was a cooler flop that did the damage as Scotland's Gordon Huntly has been unfortunately derailed in the APPT Macau Main Event.

We arrived to see A♠8♠A♣ on board and a bet of 25,000 in front of Huntly. His opponent was Korean Fabio Kim who check-raised to 100,000. Huntly didn't waste too much time in moving all in as Kim instantly called and slammed 8♣8♦ down on the table for a full house. Huntly rolled his eyes as his A♦T♦ had shrunk before his eyes.
The K♠ hit the turn to give Huntly a couple more outs but the 5♦ left him to make a devastating exit from the PokerStars Macau Poker Room.

Meanwhile Kim, who is one of the original PokerStars Macau cash game players, is now up to 380,000 chips. --HC

1:55pm: Zheng sunk
Kiwi Jackson Zheng has been sent to the rail after moving his last 80,000 chips all in preflop from under the gun with ace-nine but he ran into an opponent's pocket tens.
A king-high board couldn't save Zheng as he narrowly misses cashing in three consecutive APPT events.--HC

1:39pm: No more Nacho
After losing that big flip earlier, Team PokerStars Pro Jose "Nacho" Barbero couldn't find the cards to mount a recovery effort. He's gone, as are his hopes of his first major win in Asia. --BW


Jose Barbero in happier times

1:30pm: Chan looks ill
Terrence Chan looks ill. Green even. Though he didn't say it aloud, it's clear he can't quite believe what he just saw.

I arrived at the table toward the end of had already been an active pot. On the board were the following five cards: 6♣6♠T♦2♦2♣. It appeared Chan had offered 38,000 at the river and Danny Park had made it 50,000 more. This all occurred less than 15 minutes after Park had three-bet Chan from the blinds and folded to Chan's all-in. At the time, Park had said, "Big laydown."

Now the decision was on Chan.

"Maybe it's my turn to make a big laydown to you," Chan said.

But it was clear the story didn't make sense to Chan. He whipped off his hat and looked at the board.

"So polarized!" Chan exclaimed. "I don't see how you would flat with a six in your hand," presumably talking about whatever previous action had brought them to that point.

"I'm looking at four sixes or tens full," Chan said.

But neither of those hands fit. It just didn't make sense. So, Chan tossed out the extra chips and looked to Park who rolled over A♥2♥.

Chan didn't say a word. He seemed to replay the hand in his head for a few seconds before silently pushing his cards to the muck. He's still alive, but lost what appeared to be around 140,000 on that hand. Park, meanwhile, is making a run for the chip lead. --BW

1:28pm: Nacho rides the rollercoaster
Seeing Jose 'Nacho' Barbero for the first time in this APPT Macau Main Event, I've quickly discovered he's an entertaining player to watch. Perhaps it's the style of Latin America - it's great to watch but the heart palpitations must shorten one's lifespan to actually play it.

We just discovered Barbero's once-mighty empire had been decimated after losing a preflop race with pocket jacks against Sangeeth Mohan's ace-king.
Barbero was left with just 19,200 which he committed soon after with J♥J♦ as Fabian Spiedelmann made the call with T♦T♣.

The flop was scary for Barbero as it arrived Q♣2♣K♣ to give Spiedelmann a flush draw but the 5♠ turn and A♠ river were safe to see Barbero more than double to around 60,000 to once again find a pulse in this tournament. --BW

1:16pm: No backing down for Chan
Terrence Chan came in for a raise to 12,000 and got a call from Shih Chieh Su. Play folded back to Danny Park in the blinds. Park had started the day second in chips and the lead on his table. He made it 32,000 total. Chan thought for a moment before moving all in for another 99,600. Su folded quickly, but Park thought a bit longer. Finally, he folded with, "Nice hand." Park thought for another moment as he watched his cards slide into the muck. He pointed at what had once been worth 32,000 in chips to him. "Big laydown," he said. --BW

1:00pm: Level up
Players are now on 2,500-5,000-500 blinds. --BW

12:45pm: Chan takes a hit
Andrew Scott has just taken a slice from the stack of the great Johnny Chan. We arrived with the board already spread 7♣A♥8♠8♦5♠ and Scott leading for 30,000 from the big blind. Sitting under the gun, Chan snap-called the bet, but mucked when Scott tabled A♦8♥ for a full house.

Scott moves up to 225,000 with Chan slipping back to 170,000.-- HC


Johnny Chan

12:53pm: Nanonoko starts the day
As we got started today, Randy "nanonoko" Lew had a chat with our Lynn Gilmartin.--BW

12:45pm: Big stacks find some luck
We didn't catch all of the action but we saw Renat Lyapin angrily bounce his chips onto the felt after copping a bad beat against Germany's Fabian Spiedelmann.

The chips were in preflop with Lyapin holding ace-queen and looking good for a big double up against Spiedelmann's king-queen, but another king on the flop was enough for Spiedelmann to take it down. He's up to 600,000.

Another big stack to jump out of the gates is Hong Kong-based Aussie David Steicke. He got his chips in with pocket aces against an opponent's pocket eights and things looked grim when a third snowman hit the flop. However such is the power of Steicke, that he made a running flush to take it down and move up to a cool half million in chips. --HC

12:30pm: The champ starts well
The defending champion Victorino Torres is heading for another deep run in the APPT Macau Main Event after the elimination of Israel's Alon Simka.

Torres opened the action with a sizable raise to 14,800 from early position before Simka moved all in for an additional 48,500. Torres thought briefly before making the call with T♣T♦ to find himself racing with Simka's A♣Q♠.

Torres was looking to avoid the ace or queen but didn't have to worry when the flop landed 9♥T♠2♥ to give him a set. Torres then filled up on the 9♣ turn as the meaningless J♠ hit the river. Simka is an early casualty as Torres moves up to 330,000. --HC


Victorino Torres

12:20pm: Table 15 needs a diet
If there is a table to watch today, it's the one numbered 15. Three of the top ten chip stacks are there. Danny Park, Wenfei Huang, and Ligong Wei all have seats around the baize. They're joined by Terrence Chan and Day 1a chip leader Shih Chieh Su. If that table doesn't break any time soon under its own weight or by TD's order, it may just collapse. --BW

12:12pm: Play underway
As the final few stragglers make their way to their seats, it's time to shuffle and deal.

12:00pm: Day 3 set to begin
The remaining 96 players of the APPT Macau main event are sitting down to unbag their chips. Nathaniel Seet leads them all right now with a chip stach worth around five times the average stack.

This is looking to be an exceptionally long day. Make a pot a coffee and stick with us as we head toward the money bubble and way beyond. --BW


Live updates form APPT Macau brought to you by Heath "TassieDevil" Chick and Brad Willis (with occasional and very welcome updates from our Japanese blogger Jenn Barr).

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Macau