APPT Macau: Day 3 live updates (Blinds 15,000-30,000-3,000)

1:10am: Bang, bang! Our day is done!
Simultaneous eliminations on two tables has seen both Shane Dye and Victor Wei eliminated as it has been announced that our extended day has now been brought to a close with 15 players remaining.

First it was Dye who fell when he shoved the button for around 260,000 holding A♠5♣ but Sangeeth Mohan woke up with K♠K♥ in the big blind and snap called.

The board fell 9♣3♠K♦T♠3♣ to give Mohan a full house to end the mighty run of Dye.
He was soon joined on the rail by Victor Wei who, on the other table, found his last chips in preflop with A♦J♣ against the dominant A♥K♣ of Jimmy Pan.

The flop of K♥T♥J♠ had something for everyone, but Wei couldn't find an out on the T♦ turn or 2♥ river. He heads to the cashier as the remaining 15 players are relieved to finally make it through the day to bag up their chips! --HC

1:02am: Sparrow's wings clipped
Sparrow Cheung came in for a raise on the button and got a call from Tsugunari Toma in the small blind. Toma check-raised all-in for around 330,000. Chueng snap-called with aces. Toma held 4♣4♠. He had six outs and popped one of the, the 6♣ right on the turn. Cheung couldn't pull the chop on the river and he's in a bad shape. --BW

1:00am: Side event news
Over in the side events, 2011 MPCC main event final tablist and winner of the charity event in the same series, Seijiro Machi, was busy winning the $15,000 NLH event. With three players left he was the short stack but came from behind to win the whole thing, declaring the entire way that he could feel the win. --JB

12:50am: Steicke magic
David Steicke has managed to hit a three-outer to stay alive when he got his last 458,000 into the middle preflop with A♠8♦ and found himself dominated by the A♦Q♠ of Victor Wei.

No problem when you're David Steicke as he connected with the J♦5♠8♠9♥6♠ board to double up. Steicke now has 950,000 as Wei is down to 540,000. --HC

12:40am: Double for Dye
From under the gun, Josh Barrett raised it up to 52,000 and action folded around to Shane Dye in the big blind who quickly announced himself all in. It was a total of 172,000 which Barrett quickly called.

Dye opened J♠J♦ as again Barrett found himself chasing an ace with his A♠8♦. It didn't arrive as the board ran out 5♦8♠7♠3♦K♣ to double Dye to 360,000. Barrett is back to 750,000. --HC

12:45pm: Blinds up
Blinds are now 15,000-30,000-3,000. --BW

12:25am: Hui runs into a monster
Xia Hui is next to go after he moved all in for around 250,000 from the button with A♥8♠ but Fabian Spiedelmann woke up with Q♥Q♠ in the big blind and made the call.
The board was spread T♠Q♦3♠J♠7♦ to improve Spiedelmann to a set and eliminate Hui. Spiedelmann is up to a comfortable 1.7 million. --HC

12:30am: Fung doubles
Baton Fung has been sitting tight this evening, waiting for his spot to strike, and he just found it in a hand against Josh Barrett.

Barrett opened from under the gun to 50,000 and play folded around to Fung who moved all in for 244,000 from the big blind. Barrett made the call with A♥6♥ as Fung showed Q♠Q♥.

Barrett flopped a pair but it was the wrong one as the board landed 8♠6♦J♦5♥Q♣. Fung doubles to 520,000 with Barrett slipping to 850,000. --HC

12:13am: Wenfei Huang eliminated
Down to his last 300,000, Wenfei Huang open shoved and ran directly into Kai Yat Fam's A♠K♠. Huang couldn't catch up and is headed for the cage. --BW

12:00am: Woe for Wu
Bo Wu is the next to visit the cashier as 20 players remain in the APPT Macau Main Event as we enter our 13th hour of the day.

Wu's final chips went in on the turn on a board of K♦3♦3♥4♦. He held A♦K♠ for top pair with the nut flush draw but Sangeeth Mohan was already there as he made the call with Q♦J♦ for the flush.

The river was the 2♥ and Mohan clapped his hands with delight to move up into the two million chip club as Wu departs. --HC

11:50pm: Barrett straightens Bobo
Bobo Chen opened with a raise to 55,000 from middle position with Josh Barrett defending his big blind with a call to see a heads-up flop of J♦T♠A♦.

Both players checked and the Q♠ hit the turn. Barrett led out with a bet of 90,000 and Chen made the call before both players checked the 9♠ river.

Barrett opened K♣J♠ for a straight as Chen tossed his A♣Q♥ into the muck. Chen slips to 500,000 with Barrett looking strong with 1.45 million. --HC

11:45pm: Sparrow gets out of the danger zone
Sparrow Cheung has been pushing his short stack relentlessly over the past hour or so, but was yet to find a customer until Tsugunari Toma finally looked him up with 9♥9♣. Incredibly, Toma's timing was terrible as Cheung tabled a monster A♣A♠.

It was all but over on the 5♠A♥5♣ flop as Cheung flopped a full house before the 2♣ turn and K♦ river completed the board.

Toma is now down to 170,000 with Cheung now finally out of the danger zone with a stack of 600,000. --HC

11:28pm: Nightly notables
A few words below on the big stories from the day (with a cameo from the cleaning staff around 2:20).

11:20pm: Wu on the rise
Bo Wu has found a double up of his short stack at the expense of PokerStars Team Online member Randy Lew.

Wu shoved his last 170,000 from middle position with Lew thinking for a while before making the call in the big blind with an above average K♦T♥. He trailed but tabled live cards against Wu's A♥Q♥.

With Lew on his feet, the dealer spread a 8♠A♦2♥9♦9♣ board to double Wu up to 360,000 with Lew dropping down to 520,000. --HC

11:15pm: Double Bo, Double Up
For those who appreciate a man who takes a good long while to make a decision, you're going to like this. Bobo Chen just managed to take a very, very long time to get his pocket queens all-in blind versus blind versus Zheng Tai Tan. Tan's K♦T♠ was no good then or on the river. Chen now has 680,000. --BW

10:50pm: Esti bestie
Zou "Esti" Wang just found his huckleberry. After an early position raise to 53,000, Wang made it 133,000 to play. A couple of folds and it was on Jimmy Pan who announced he was all-in. The original raiser folded, but Wang snapped with A♣A♠. Bad, bad news for Pan who could only reveal A♦K♥.

Now, take note here....this was no small pot. Esti Wang was all in for 850,000 and Pan had him covered. Needless to say, that 1.7 million now sitting in front of Wang is probably enough that we'll be seeing this jacket at the final table.


Esti Wang

10:15pm: Steady stackin' for Sangeeth Mohan
Sangeeth Mohan, the big man from India, has claimed another victim. We joined the hand on the turn when Mohan had bet 125,000 at a 4♣J♥6♦3♥ board. Yang Sun made the call, and they saw a 5♦ on the river. Mohan instantly announced, "All in." Sun took little time before announcing his call. Mohan triumphantly tabled his A♦J♣, sure it was good...and it was. Sun's hand went in the muck, and he headed for the cage. --BW

10:08pm: Bobo in trouble
Michal Karolak has found a big double up as Bobo Chen is now on the ropes in the APPT Macau Main Event.

We picked it up on a flop of J♠2♠8♦ with Karolak betting 70,000 on the button before Chen check-raised to 170,000 in the big blind. Karolak moved all in for a little more with Chen quick to call with K♠8♠ for a pair and flush draw. However he found himself trailing as Karloak caught a very nice flop with his J♦2♥.

The turn was the 4♥ and the river the A♦ to see Karolak double to 650,000 with Chen down to around 140,000.

He managed a double up a few hands later, but he's still less than half the average. --HC

10:00pm: Oh Man!
Sometimes getting sucked into a hand from the big blind can result in disaster as David Man just found out the hard way.

Four players paid 35,000 each to see a flop of 3♦Q♠9♥ and action checked to Wenfei Huang who bet 86,000 on the button. The small blind folded but Man decided to make a move as he check-raised all in for an additional 227,000.

Play folded back to Huang who thought for a few moments before making the call with Q♦J♥ for top pair as Man was going to need help with his adventurous 9♠2♣.
The turn was the J♠ to leave Man with just a nine to avoid elimination but it wasn't to be on the 7♣ river. Man is out with Huang now up to one million chips. --HC

9:53pm: Blinds up
Blinds are now 10,000-20,000-2,000.

9:52pm: Blind vs blind, bad for Dye
Play folded around to Shane Dye in the small blind. He looked over to see Vincent Torres only had 213,000 left in his stack. Dye moved all-in and got snap-called. Easy to see why. Torres had pocket kings. Dye had every reason to move in. His pocket sevens are usually not bad there. Torres flopped a king and Dye was drawing dead by the turn. --BW

9:38pm: Back in action
Players are back from their quick dinner and siting down for a long-haul night. Twenty-four players remain. Play is scheduled to continue until we reach the final table. That may have to be changed at some point, but that's the plan right now. --BW

8:37pm: Dinnertime

Players are now on a one-hour dinner break. --BW

8:35: Zheng Tai Tan doubles through Bobo
Zheng Tai Tan is on the comeback trail. At once down to 100,000, he's rebounded and is now up close to 900,000. The most recent big one came at Daoxing "Bobo" Chen's expense with Tan's kings holding up against Chen's A♣7♠. --BW

8:20pm: Losing some grunt
Grant Levy's rollercoaster ride has come to a screeching halt. After losing a chunk of change with pocket sixes against pocket jacks, Levy open-shoved for around 200,000 with Q♦8♦ but Sparrow Cheung made the call with J♥J♣.

The board ran out 7♥6♣2♥J♠K♣ to give Cheung the pot to move up to 450,000 as Levy's quest for a second APPT title has fallen short in 25th place.

With that elimination, the players are now forming the final three tables. --HC

8:10pm: Rossiter recovers
After losing a big hand to Josh Barrett in a battle of the blinds a few moments earlier, Jeff Rossiter has been able to recover some chips in a preflop betting war with "Esti".

Esti opened with a raise from the cutoff before Rossiter three-bet from the small blind to 88,000. Esti came back with a four-bet to 188,000 but Rossiter instantly moved all in for another 450,000 on top.

Esti deliberated for some time but eventually released as Rossiter moves back up to 900,000. --HC

8:17pm: Bini busto
Gianpaulo Bini just got his 375,000 stack in the middle with 9♠9♣ against Sangeeth Mohan's Q♥Q♠. The queens held with ease, Bini went bust, and Mohan moved up around a million in chips.

8:06pm: Daniel Francis eliminated
After Randy Lew's big double up earlier, he'd managed to lose back about 200,000in an unlucky hand. He's almost made up for that now after busting Daniel Francis. It was all-in pre-flop with Francis' pocket sevens getting in behind Lew's eights. The eights held, Francis is gone, and Lew is back near 800,000. --BW

7:58pm: Levy runs into a boat
Grant Levy's rush is officially over as he just ran into a monster hand held by Fabian Spiedelmann.

We only saw the action on the river as the board read K♦A♥2♥A♣3♣. Spiedelmann bet out 140,000 and Levy made the call.

Spiedelmann tabled K♥K♠ for a full house as Levy flashed his A♠J♣ with a wry smile. Levy slipped to 750,000 with Spiedelmann up to 900,000. --HC

7:55pm: Blinds up
The remaining 27 players are now playing 8,000-16,000-2,000 blinds. --BW

7:50pm: Right place, right time for Vincent Torres
Vincent Torres has landed a big double up after finding pocket aces at the right time. Action started with a raise to 38,000 from Tsugunari Toma on the button before China's Hui Xia three-bet to 85,000 from the small blind.

Torres was sitting there quietly in the big blind with A♠A♥ and he sold the act as he tried to entice his foes with an all-in bet of just 92,000 more. Toma escaped but Xia was priced in as he made a crying call with A♦9♥.

The board ran out 5♦J♥2♥4♥Q♥ to give Torres the nut flush for a double to 400,000. Xia sits with 320,000. --HC

7:48pm: Lew's heater continues
PokerStars Team Online's Randy Lew has moved over the 800,000-chip mark just now after ning on the good end of an aces versus kings match-up. The action was so heavy on a 6♣Q♣2♥ flop that Lew took more than five minutes to get all of his chips in. When he finally did, he was able to exhale. His A♥A♠ was all good against K♠K♣.

"I thought he might have flopped a set," said Lew by way of explanation for the delay.

Lew's stack now puts him well above average with four tables remaining. --BW

7:30pm: Levy plays the rush
Grant Levy is wielding a commanding chip stack after playing the rush to eliminate Percy Yung from the Main Event.

In a limped pot, Yung bet 35,000 from the button on a flop of T♦2♦Q♥ with Levy the lone caller in the small blind. The turn brought the 3♥ and Levy checked to Yung who announced herself all in for around 200,000. It was a bet that was about twice the size of the pot and it confused Levy who went into the tank.

After several minutes of thought he made the call with Q♣J♥ and it was a good call as Yung tabled Q♠8♣. The J♣ on the river sealed the deal as Yung departed to leave Levy with a stack of one million chips.--HC

7:40pm: Dye gets a little help
"I got lucky," admitted Shane Dye after Josh Barrett recalled to us of the details of the hand where the two clashed.

Dye opened with a raise to 28,000 and Barrett defended his big blind to see a [k][j][5] flop. Barrett checked and Dye bet 30,000. Barrett check-raised all in and Dye made the call for his tournament life with ace-jack but was trailing the king-eight of Barrett.

That all changed when Dye spiked another jack on the turn for the double up to 500,000, leaving Barrett ruing his misfortune as he slips to 330,000.--HC

7:24pm: Lance Richard Lee Yuen eliminated
Lance Richard Lee Yuen had been working a short stack most of the day, but his work has finally come to an end. Fabian Spiedelmann's J♠J♣ held up against Yuen's A♥Q♣ all-in pre-flop for Yuen's 140,000 stack.

"Pleasure playing with you," Yuen said. --BW

7:00pm: Levy finds magic on the river
Grant Levy has just collected a nice pot after spiking a perfectly deceptive river. With a limp in front of him, Levy raised to 38,000 and the limper came along to see a flop of T♠4♣3♠.

Both players checked and the turn brought the 7♣. Levy's opponent led out for 50,000 and Levy called to see the 9♥ land on the river. It didn't appear too dangerous but Levy seemed to like it as he bet 119,000 when the action checked to him.

His opponent leant back in his chair before matching the bet, only to muck when Levy tabled J♠8♠ for the nut straight. After being down to just ten big blinds a little earlier in the day, the 2007 APPT Sydney champion is now up to 550,000. --HC

7:09pm: Ward out
Thomas Ward's run has come to an end after he pushed his last 100,000 or so chips from the cutoff with J♠T♣ however he ran into the Q♣Q♠ of a player who gave us his name as "Esti" (even though we can't find that name in our player list).

The board ran out T♠4♣3♠7♣9♥ to eliminate Ward as the mysterious Esti climbs to 750,000 chips.--HC

7:00pm: Lew stays alive
Randy "nanonoko" Lew has been grinding, and grinding, and grinding all day long. It's finally paid off. He just managed to nearly double up with pocket tens against A♥T♣. Lew is now up to around 450,000. That's still short of average, but takes him out of the danger zone. --BW

6:45pm: Misclick costs Torres
We've lost the defending champion as Jordan Westmorland has sent Victorino Torres to the cashier.

It was a battle of the blinds that dragged Torres into the pot as Westmorland attempted to raise to 25,000 from the small blind but his single chip was ruled a call. Torres tapped the table in the big blind and then called three streets on the 5♦Q♠A♥A♠3♠ board. The final call was for his tournament life but he discovered his Q♦6♠ wasn't enough to get past Westmorland's A♦T♥. --BW


Victorino Torres

6:37pm: Back to play
The 36 remaining players are back in action at 6,000-12,000-1,000 blinds and antes. --BW

6:31pm: Celina!
Celina Lin may not be in the main event anymore (she's moved on to the Ladies Event), but that's no reason to not see her in moving pictures, right? --BW

6:30pm: Break time
Players are on a ten-minute break. --BW

6:25pm: Barrett blasts a double
Just prior to the break Josh Barrett has found a useful double up. With a couple of limpers in front of his, Barrett squeezed all in for 193,000 in total. The big blind woke up with pocket jacks and made the call as the limpers got out of the way.

Barrett tabled A♠Q♠ and would need to connect to stay alive and he did so on the 2♥3♦T♦Q♣K♥ board as he blasts his way to 500,000 chips. --HC

6:15pm: Rossiter trips Dye
It seems that every time we walk past the table of Jeff Rossiter, he's pulling in another massive pot. Soon, we're going to have to start charging him for our "run good" services.

This time we caught Rossiter in the middle of a hand against champion jockey Shane Dye. The board read 9♣7♥7♠T♦ when Dye check-called for 61,000 from the big blind before he tapped the table again on the 5♠ river. Rossiter tossed out a bet of 166,000 to send Dye into the tank. He cut down calling chips and looked at the 300,000 he had behind and decided it was enough to play with to make the call.

"You haven't got a seven have you?" queried Dye.

The answer was affirmative as Rossiter opened A♠7♦ for trips to collect the mammoth pot as Dye threw his cards into the muck in dismay. Rossiter is now up to 1.1 million which puts him as the second biggest stack in the room, narrowly trailing Victor Wei. --HC

5:58pm: One for Poland
In a battle of the blind Poland's Michal Karolak opened with a raise to 40,000 before Daniel Francis moved all in from the big blind. Karolak made the call with Q♥Q♦ and the race was on against Francis' A♥K♦.

Unfortunately for Francis, the race was not a long one as the 9♦Q♠3♣ flop delivered Karolak a set to leave Francis needing a miracle. There was none on the 6♥ turn and 2♠ river. Karolak's stack of 229,000 was doubled as Francis slips to 450,000. --HC

5:57pm: More winners
We've updated the prize winners page with more bust-outs from the past hour. Click the link for all your payout goodness. --BW

5:50pm: Seet open
Nataniel Seet will be a little disappointed with his 38th place finish after starting today with such a commanding chip lead. However things just didn't go to plan for the Singapore young gun today as his tournament is now over.

Seet was crippled after raising all in on a board of K♥K♣4♥8♥J♥. Seet didn't have a heart on the four-flush board, or even a big pair, but his bluff wasn't enough to get a fold out of his opponent holding A♠A♦.

Seet was left with pocket change and eliminated moments later.--HC

5:34pm: Park stymied, Steicke-d
We entered the hand at the critical stage with the board reading T♣T♦5♣9♦. David Steicke cut out 84,000 in chips, formed it all into one stack, and put it in front of him. Danny Park, the man who started the day second in chips, quickly announced, "All-in." Steicke snap-called to see Park's J♥J♦. Steicke had him crushed with Q♦T♠. The river was the 7♣, and Steicke raked a pot with more than 700,000. Park, meanwhile, was left with around 330,000. --BW


David Steicke doubles up

5:30pm: Bobo looking for another final table
Once of the most surreal experiences I've ever had in tournament poker was watching Daoxing Chen, otherwise known as "Bobo", on the final table of the 2009 APPT Macau Main Event.

Bobo was all theatre that day as he soaked up every ounce of attention with his posing, posturing and multitude of rather annoying antics that caused the final table to run about three hours longer than it should've. Bobo finished third that day and since then we've regularly seen him at virtually every Macau series where he's proven himself to be a rather likable character with a unique style that proves very effective.

Bobo is making another deep run here in the APPT Macau after eliminating a short-stacked opponent who pushed with A♥4♣. Bobo slammed his chips onto the felt and proudly tabled his A♦A♠ which held on the 6♥J♣2♣3♠K♦ board. Bobo moves up to 700,000.

Also up with the chip leaders is Kiwi Daniel Francis who just let us know that he collected most of his chips with a big call down holding just king-high. Francis has been flying under the radar most of this tournament but his 700,000 chips are now starting to get a little attention.--HC

5:10pm: Upping the ante
Up go the antes, up go the blinds, off go the purple 500 chips. It's now 5,000-10,000-500. --BW

5:08pm: Steicke feeling flushed
Easy come, easy go for David Steicke as he's slipped back to the pack following a clash with Victor Wei where both players flopped a flush. Unfortunately for Steicke he came off second best.

We picked up the action on a flop of T♠2♠5♠ with Steicke betting 31,500 in position. Wei check-raised an additional 64,000 as a third player got out of the way, but Steicke called to see the 5♥ hit the turn.

Wei checked again and Steicke bet out a hefty 200,000. Wei went into the tank for a long time before declaring himself all in with his second check-raise of the hand. It was an additional 278,500 to Steicke who quickly declared a call.

Wei tabled A♠7♠ for the nut flush as Steicke found his Q♠9♠ drawing completely dead. The river was the 3♥ as Wei finds a massive double up to 1.25 million as Steicke drops to 500,000.--HC

5:50pm: Uhde finally succumbs
After starting the day with not much more than the Day 1 starting stack, Andreas Uhde has finally given up the ghost. He got ace-king all-in against Wenfei Huang's pocket fours and couldn't win the race. Uhde is out in 46th place. --BW

5:00pm: Top pair-no kicker no good
Manami Hayamizu finished the tournament in 48th place after losing a kicker-race with jack-nine, good for top pair, but not much else. --JB

4:49pm: One rich tournament series
If you're curious how big this APPT Macau series has been, here are a few numbers:

After 12 events, the series has hosted 2,224 players and racked up $23,293,512 HKD in prize money. We still have three events to go: 100K High Roller, $1,500 Ladies Event, and the $2,500 KO Bounty. --BW

4:42pm: Back in action
The players are back in their seats for more action. Settle in, we're here for a long night. Staying with us, at least for now, is Randy "nanonoko" Lew from PokerStars Team Online, the only remaining horse from the Big Red Spade stables. --BW


Randy Lew

Live updates form APPT Macau brought to you by Heath "TassieDevil" Chick and Brad Willis (with occasional and very welcome updates from our Japanese blogger Jenn Barr).

Brad Willis
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