APPT Macau Day 4: Levels 25-27 (blinds 25,000-50,000, ante 5,000)

5:25pm: Ten-minute break

The level has come to an end and the players are taking a break. We'll be back in ten minutes with coverage to continue on a new page.

5:20pm: Nordstrom finds a lucky lady

Daniel Nordstrom has doubled up through Fabian Spielmann after spiking a set on the river to the roars of the railbirds watching this final table.

With all the chips in preflop, Spielmann pushed with A♠2♠. Nordstrom held a monster Q♠Q♦ and made the call but fell behind on the A♣K♠7♠ flop.

The turn was the J♣ to give Nordstrom straight outs, but he connected smack-bang with the Q♣ river. He doubles up to 2.7 million with Spielmann down to 3.7 million.

The chips just keep getting passed around the table as eight players still remain.

5:10pm: Rossiter roars

Jeff Rossiter has taken a massive pot from Kai Yat Fam to jump up towards the chip leaders as he eyes off his second major title this month.

Jimmy Pan opened with a preflop raise with Jeff Rossiter making the call in position. Fam came along in the big blind to see a flop of K♠3♦4♠.

Action checked to Rossiter who bet 225,000. Fam called as Pan got out of the way before the J♣ hit the turn. Fam check-called again, this time for 460,000 as the A♣ hit the river. Fam tapped the table again as Rossiter moved a hefty 855,000 into the middle. Fam thought for a few moments before matching the bet.

Rossiter confidently opened A♠A♥ for a rivered set of aces which was too good as Fam tossed away his cards. Rossiter climbs to 4.1 million with Fam down to just 1.25 million.

4:50pm: David Steicke eliminated in 9th place

David Steicke is the first elimination of the day as he departs in 9th place. Following the devastating beat of the previous hand, Steicke waited two more hands before raising to 155,000, leaving himself just 5,000 behind. Daniel Nordstrom popped it to 300,000 to isolate and the table folded back to Steicke who tossed out his last chip.

Steicke: 4♥7♦
Nordstrom: A♠A♦

Well, Steicke was going to have to use all his powers to get out of this one, and there were a few murmurs in the crowd when the flop came down 5♣2♦3♣ to give him hope with a straight draw. However the 9♣ turn and T♦ river completed the board to see him head to the cashier to collect HK$263,300 in prize money.


David Steicke eliminated in 9th place

4:45pm: Lew doubles through Steicke

Randy Lew opened with a raise to 100,000 before David Steicke three-bet to 205,000. Action folded back around to Lew who moved all in for around 750,000 and Steicke instantly called!

Lew: Q♠Q♦
Steicke: A♣A♦

Lew was on his feet ready to exit but he was forced to sit back down after the board ran out 8♣4♥Q♥6♠7♠. Lew spikes his two-outer to double to 1.7 million as Steicke could only grin through clenched teeth as he was left crippled.

4:30pm: A showdown without cards

Action has slowed over the last half hour with players taking a long time over their decisions.

Fabian Spielmann took down a three-bet pot with a bet on the turn on a board of A♣6♣4♥A♥ against Zuo Wang, before Wang got a few chips back when he took down a sizable pot with a turn bet against Jimmy Pan on a K♣3♣T♦4♥ board.

We thought we had a rare showdown when Zheng Tai Tan clashed with Kai Yat Fam.

Fam raised to 100,000 from the cutoff, checked the flop and then called bets of 150,000 on the turn and 215,000 on the river on a board of Q♠7♥8♠K♥3♦. However Tan was caught in the cookie jar as he tossed his cards straight into the muck to concede the pot to Fam. Tan is now down to 900,000 as nine players still remain.

4:15pm: Update from the side even with Team Japan

Since Tsugunari Toma finished the main event in 13th place, there are no players from Japan on this side of the tournament area. In the $2500 bounty event, however, the big names have gathered and are looking for a piece of the final event of this APPT series. Just a quick glance around and we saw Seijiro Machi (winner of the $15,000 side event last night), Yu Kurita (4th in the same event), Azusa Maeda (2nd place in the WSOPE 6-handed event), Wooka Kim, mahjong pro Garthe Nelson, the popular Hirotoshi "Hirobow" Nakago and Manami "Tink" Hayamizu (cashed in the main event yesterday). We're looking for some big results from this talented group to report on as the day progresses. -- JB

4:00pm: Level up, blinds 25,000-50,000, ante 5,000

3:55pm: King-deuce does it for Nordstrom

Swede Daniel Nordstrom has just found a big double up to stay alive in the APPT Macau Main Event. He open-shoved the button for 610,000 and action folded to Zheng Tai Tan who asked for a count in the big blind before announcing a call.

Nordstrom sheepishly tabled K♥2♣ but was surprisingly in front as Tan had gambled with Q♠J♣.

The flop of J♦5♣K♦ hit both players, but Tan couldn't improve further on the 8♥ turn or 3♦ river. Nordstrom doubles to 1.25 million with Tan now down to 1.5 million.

3:35pm: Pan and Tan collide

Jimmy Pan has just burnt a cool million chips in a battle of the blinds with Zheng Tai Tan.

Pan raised the small blind to 105,000 and Tan called to see a flop of 7♣3♥3♣.

Pan led for 140,000 before Tan raised to 370,000. Pan came back with another raise to 665,000 in total to send Tan into the tank. After several minutes of thought, Tan announced himself all in which brought a quick fold from Pan.

Pan slips to 1.1 million with Tan now up to 2.3 million.

3:25pm: Spielmann soars

It only took three hands for us to see our first all-in clash and it was a beauty!

Fabian Spielmann opened with a raise to 85,000 which Zuo Wang called before chip leader Kai Yat Fam popped it another 200,000 from the small blind.

Action folded to Spielmann who announced a re-raise of another 320,000 to force Wang from the pot, but Fam wasn't going anywhere. He moved all in and Spielmann insta-called as five million chips were in the middle!

Spielmann: K♦K♥
Fam: A♦K♣

The board ran out 9♦3♠2♦5♠Q♠ to give Spielmann the massive double up to take the chip lead. Fam is down to 2.2 million.

3:15pm: Play resumes

The players have been introduced to the audience and the button has been drawn (seat 3). Nothing more is left than for APPT President Danny McDonagh to utter the words "Shuffle up and Deal!"

There has been a bit of a wind back as we'll play another 45 minutes at 20,000/40,000 with a 5,000 ante.

Final Table Lineup

Seat 1: Randy Lew (PokerStars Team Online) - 750,000
Seat 2: Jeff Rossiter - 1,725,000
Seat 3: Fabian Spielmann (PokerStars Qualifier) - 2,295,000
Seat 4: Zuo Wang - 2,180,000
Seat 5: David Steicke (PokerStars Player) - 965,000
Seat 6: Kai Yat Fam - 4,515,000
Seat 7: Daniel Nordstrom - 800,000
Seat 8: Jimmy Pan - 2,010,000
Seat 9: Zheng Tai Tan - 1,685,000

2:40pm: Sangeeth Mohan eliminated in 10th place

Our final table bubble has burst with India's Sangeeth Mohan the unfortunate one to miss out on an APPT final table berth. He was very unlucky too, after getting his last chips in the middle with the nuts.

It started with Mohan raising the button to 110,000 before Kai Yat Fam three-bet an additional 170,000 from the small blind. Fabian Spielmann tanked for several minutes before giving up his big blind, and perhaps it was a good thing, as Mohan four-bet another 330,000 on top.

Fam thought briefly before making the call as the flop landed Q♦T♦4♥. Fam checked and with so much already in the middle, Mohan announced himself all in but Fam quickly called as the cards were on their backs!

Fam: K♦J♦
Mohan: Q♥Q♣

Wow! It was top set against a Royal Flush draw on the ultimate action flop. Mohan walked from the table and couldn't watch as the 2♦ hit the turn to give Fam a flush and leave Mohan on the brink of elimination, needing to pair the board to stay alive.

It wasn't to be as the A♠ landed to see Mohan finish in 10th place as Fam grabs a massive chip lead as our final table is set!

There will now be a short break while the players relocate to a dedicated final table area, take some photos and conduct media interviews before play is scheduled to recommence at 3:15pm local time.


Sangeeth Mohan eliminated in 10th place

2:30pm: Play resumes

We're back in action with the blinds up to 25,000/50,000/5,000 and one elimination away from our final table of nine.

2:20pm: Ten-minute break

With play slowing right down towards the end of that level, the players are now taking a much-needed ten-minute break.

1:45pm: Queen-ten is good enough

Zheng Tai Tan has found a big double up through David Steicke, although it wasn't quite your standard preflop race.

Tan opened the button to 105,000 before Steicke moved all in from the big blind. Tan quickly called and opened Q♣T♥ as Steicke was probably a little surprised to find his K♣7♣ was actually in front.

It didn't stay that way for long as the board was spread 3♦8♠T♠5♣6♠ to pair up Tan for the double up to 1.7 million. Steicke slips to 990,000.

1:35pm: Baton Fung eliminated in 11th place

Baton Fung is next to his the rail as we're now one elimination away from our final table.

Zuo Wang opened with a raise from late position with ace-king before Fung moved all in for his last chips with pocket sevens. Wang made the call, spiked a king on the flop and that was all she wrote.

Wang is now up to a healthy two million in chips.

1:30pm: Great Wall of Steicke starts construction

Daniel Nordstrom opened with a raise to 84,000 from under the gun and David Steicke made the call in the big blind to see a flop of 2♦A♦2♥.

Both players checked and the turn brought the 5♥. Steicke checked and Nordstrom bet 85,000. Steicke responded with a check-raise to 205,000 but Nordstrom made the call as the J♦ completed the board.

Steicke led out for another 205,000 and Nordstrom paid to see. Steicke revealed 8♦7♦ for a rivered flush which was good to rake in the big pot. Steicke has started to build the infamous "Great Wall of Steicke" around the side of the table, with his wall currently standing at around a dozen towers in width as he's up to 1.6 million.

1:25pm: Fam flexes

Kai Yat Fam is starting to flex his muscle with a powerful four-bet in a battle of the blinds against Fabian Spielmann.

Fam opened to 100,000 before Spielmann three-bet another 160,000 on top. Fam came back with a four-bet of an additional 240,000 which was too much for Spielmann as he folded.

Fam proudly flashed J♠6♠ on the table as he stretches his chip lead to 2.8 million.

1:15pm: Dao Xing "Bobo" Chen eliminated in 12th place

Daniel Nordstrom opened with a raise from the button before Bobo Chen moved all in from the big blind. Nordstrom made the call with K♥J♦ and found himself with live cards against Chen's A♥Q♦.

The flop landed 9♥T♣K♠ to pair up Nordstrom but Chen had an overcard and a gutshot to stay alive. The turn was the 6♠ and the river bricked the 7♥ to eliminate Chen just short of his second APPT Macau final table as the Swede powers up the chip count leaderboard.


Bobo Chen eliminated in 12th place

1:10pm: Tsugunari Toma eliminated in 13th place

Japan's last hope has been sent to the rail as Tsugunari Toma moved all in with his short stack holding K♥6♥ and Kai Yat Fam made the call with A♦Q♦.

The board ran out A♠J♠5♣8♥J♦ to send Toma home in unlucky 13th place.

1:05pm: Level up, blinds 20,000-40,000, ante 4,000

12:50pm: King of Sweden

Swede Daniel Nordstrom is back in contention with a big double up at the expense of Bobo Chen.

Nordstrom opened with a raise to 60,000 from the button before Randy Lew three-bet to 150,000 in the small blind. Action was then with Chen who soaked up several minutes of valuable oxygen before declaring himself all in.

Nordstrom followed by moving his chips all in as Lew made a reluctant fold. We're guessing it was a good fold as Chen tabled Q♦Q♣ and Nordstrom showed K♦K♠.
The board fell 6♣9♦J♠K♣4♦ to give Nordstrom a set for a massive double up to 1.45 million. Chen slips back to just 300,000.


Daniel Nordstrom is moving up the leaderboard at the APPT Macau

12:45pm: Josh Barrett eliminated in 14th place

Josh Barrett has been unable to find some luck when he needed it most as his tournament has come to an end in 14th place.

With action folded to Barrett in the small blind, he moved all in for a total of 439,000 with his nemesis Fabian Spielmann asking for a count before making the call in the big blind. Barrett showed J♦J♥ as Spielmann threw his head back in dismay as he opened A♣3♣.

The flop was huge for Spielmann as it arrived 9♣9♦7♣ to give him additional outs to a flush, but he didn't need them as the A♦ found its way onto the turn. The river was the K♦ to see Barrett make a disappointed exit from the tournament. Spielmann is now up to 2.2 million.

12:40pm: Double for Baton

Jeff Rossiter started things off with a min-raise to 60,000 and action passed to Baton Fung in the small blind. After several minutes of thought, he moved all in for 274,000 in total. The big blind folded but Rossiter insta-called with A♣T♣ up against Fung's J♦J♣.
The board bricked 5♠K♦3♣2♣8♦ to leave Fung's pair in front for the double up to 600,000.

"Why waste so much time?" sighed Rossiter as he slips to 1.2 million.

12:35pm: Sparrow Cheung eliminated in 15th place

Sparrow Cheung had been successfully pushing his short stack all in to pick up the blinds and antes on multiple occasions, but it felt like a matter of time before he ran into a big hand.

From middle position, Cheung moved all in preflop for around 360,000 with 6♥6♠ but Jeff Rossiter woke up with Q♥Q♦ to make the call.

The board was spread 7♠2♦4♠2♥8♣ to eliminate Cheung as our first casualty of the day. Meanwhile Rossiter continues his hot streak as he moves up to 1.6 million chips.

12:25pm: Just quads for nanonoko

Randy "nanonoko" Lew has just made quad aces but couldn't entice a river bet from his opponent Sangeeth Mohan.

From the big blind, Lew bet the flop of 6♦A♦A♣ before checking the 7♠ turn over to his opponent. Mohan slid out 175,000 and Lew called before tapping the table again on the 9♠ river. Mohan wisely checked behind as Lew's A♠A♥ were way out in front.

The online phenom is going to be dangerous if he picks up hands like this! Lew is up to 1.2 million with Mohan slipping to 2.1 million.


The last remaining member of Team PokerStars, Randy "nanonoko" Lew

12:20pm: Spielmann slices Barrett

Josh Barrett and Fabian Spielmann have tangled in the first major pot of the day with the German getting the upper hand.

Barrett opened from early position to 65,000 before Spielmann three-bet to 155,000. Action folded back to Barrett who made the call.

The flop landed K♥6♦9♥ and Barrett check-called for 150,000 before leading for 200,000 on the repeat K♠ turn. Spielmann made the call and both players checked down the 5♣ river.

Barrett opened A♥Q♠ for ace-high but Spielmann showed 9♦8♦ for a pair of nines to take the pot to the dismay of the Aussie. Barrett drops to 500,000 with Spielmann now up to 1.85 million.

12:10pm: It's go time!

The players have found their seats and unbagged their chips as Day 4 of the APPT Macau Main Event is back underway. We'll be playing another 55 minutes of Level 25 with the blinds at 15,000/30,000/3,000.

The cards are now in the air!

Here's Lynn Gilmartin's preview of the day ahead as she catches up with PokerStars Team Online player Randy Lew.

After a long day yesterday we've reached the final frontier as fifteen players return to the Grand Lisboa Hotel and Casino, and the PokerStars Macau Poker Room, for their shot at APPT fame and fortune.

The local players and fans love nothing more than getting a little hyped for a final table. They'll be three and four deep on the rail today, clinging onto every last flop, turn and river. We hope to be able to bring all of that atmosphere into your lounge room today!

Table 6
Seat 1: Daniel Nordstrom (Sweden) - 786,000
Seat 2: Randy Lew (Canada) (PokerStars Team Online) - 845,000
Seat 3: Daoxing Chen (China) - 672,000
Seat 4: Sangeeth Mohan (India) - 2,423,000
Seat 5: Zheng Tai Tan (Singapore) - 985,000
Seat 6: Jimmy Pan (Netherlands) - 1,586,000
Seat 7: David Steicke (Hong Kong) (PokerStars Player) - 886,000
Seat 8: Kai Yat Fam (Singapore) - 2,358,000

Table 15
Seat 1: Zuo Wang (China) - 1,511,000
Seat 2: Tsugunari Toma (Japan) - 635,000
Seat 3: Baton Fung (Hong Kong) - 338,000
Seat 4: Sparrow Cheung (Hong Kong) - 238,000
Seat 5: Josh Barrett (Australia) (PokerStars Qualifier) - 1,013,000
Seat 7: Fabian Spielmann (Germany) (PokerStars Qualifier) - 1,425,000
Seat 8: Jeffrey Rossiter (Australia) - 1,173,000

Can PokerStars Team Online member Randy "nanonoko" Lew capture his first major live title? Will David Steicke confirm his place as one of Australasia's best players? Will overnight chip leader Sangeeth Mohan become the toast of India? Or will a new champion emerge from the pack? The action kicks off at 12:10pm local time. Stay tuned!


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