APPT Macau Day 4: Levels 31-33 (blinds 100,000-200,000, ante 20,000)

Randy "nanonoko" Lew Wins APPT Macau Main Event!

Congratulations to Randy "nanonoko" Lew who displayed the maturity and composure of a veteran to navigate his way through a record APPT field and a super-stacked final table to capture the APPT Macau Main Event crown.

Despite having an online record that few can match, this is Lew's first major live title and one of the first major titles for PokerStars Team Online.

Lew takes home an impressive trophy and HK$3,772,000 in prize money. Congratulations Randy!

That wraps up our live coverage from the PokerStars Macau Poker Room in the Grand Lisboa Hotel and Casino, but we'll be back with a full wrap of today's action for you very shortly.


APPT Macau champion, PokerStars Team Online player Randy "nanonoko" Lew

1:45am: Jimmy Pan eliminated in 2nd place; Randy Lew wins!

Jimmy Pan turned up the aggression following their previous big clash, and went on a relentless charge of three-betting that Randy Lew appeared to have little answer to. Pan built his stack up to around 5.5 million before the final hand of the tournament played out.

Pan opened the button to 400,000 and Lew flat-called from the big blind. The flop landed Q♥T♠8♠ and Lew decided to lead out with a probing bet of 400,000. Pan again kept the pedal to the metal as he announced himself all in, but this time Lew snap-called!

Pan: K♦Q♠
Lew: Q♦T♣

Lew was dominated preflop but caught the perfect flop as his two pair left Pan needing to spike a king to stay alive. The 5♦ turn and J♣ river missed Pan as Randy Lew was crowned the APPT Macau champion!

Jimmy Pan put up tremendous resistance throughout the final table and should be well satisfied with his HK$2,367,000 for 2nd place.


Jimmy Pan eliminated in 2nd place

1:25am: Another set for Lew to reclaim lead

Jimmy Pan had his chance to win it all but the race has gone the way of Randy Lew as this epic heads-up battle continues.

Pan had been relentlessly three-betting and four-betting, once showing seven-deuce, and flashing the 2♥ on another occasion. So when he three-bet to 1.05 million following the min-raise from Lew, it was no surprise to see the online phenom announce himself all in. However this time Pan had a legit hand as he made a quick call.

Lew: 6♠6♦
Pan: A♦9♠

Pan was looking for an ace, and he found it, but it was backed up with a six on the A♠8♣6♣ flop as Lew made a set to take a big advantage. It was all over when the 2♣ fell on the turn as the meaningless 4♦ landed on the river.

Lew doubles up to 13.5 million for a commanding advantage as Pan is down to around 3.5 million.

1:05am: Lew builds a boat

Randy Lew has evened things up again after making a full house and getting paid off.
Jimmy Pan opened with a raise to 400,000 and Lew made the call in the big blind to see a flop of 7♥5♦2♠. Both players checked and the turn brought the 7♣. Lew checked again and Pan bet 400,000. Lew made the call before leading for 800,000 on the 5♠ river.

Pan threw his head back before announcing a call but Lew tabled A♠7♠ for a full house, much to the dismay of Pan who flashed the 5♣.

This evens it right up again with Pan down to 9 million and Lew a little over 8 million. Strap yourself in folks, this doesn't look like ending anytime soon!

12:55am: Level up, blinds 100,000-200,000, ante 20,000

12:45am: Pan swings it around

This one is not over just yet as Jimmy Pan has landed a big double up to swing things back around as he captures the lead in the APPT Macau Main Event.

Pan raised the button to 325,000 before Lew three-bet to 825,000. Back on Pan and he declared himself all in and Lew quickly called!

Pan: A♥Q♣
Lew: 9♦9♣

Media and fans swarmed around the table as the championship was one successful coin flip away from the PokerStars Team Online player. However it wasn't to be as the board fell 8♥J♦Q♠5♣2♣, pairing up Pan's queen for the double up.

Pan's stack was doubled to 10,200,000 with Lew back down to 7,000,000.

12:30am: Perfect tens for Lew

Randy Lew has now extended his chip lead to a 3-to-1 advantage after flopping a set against Jimmy Pan.

Lew opened the button to 325,000 and Pan called to see a flop of T♥7♦3♠. Pan check-called for another 325,000 as the 5♣ hit the turn. Once again the action was check, bet, call as another 700,000 went into the middle from each player.

The river was the Q♥ and Pan tapped the table for a third time to Lew who bet a sizable 1.5 million chips. Pan rocked back in his chair before verbalizing a call. He found himself reaching for chips moments later after Lew tabled T♣T♠ for a set of tens to scoop the big pot.

Lew is now up to 12.5 million with Pan down to around 4.65 million.

12:15am: Lew extends

Randy Lew raised the button to 325,000 before Jimmy Pan three-bet to 925,000 for the second big blind in a row. Instead of folding this time, Lew decided to make the call to see a flop of 6♠K♦6♣.

Pan slid out a bet of 925,000 and Lew called as the K♠ put an interesting double-paired board out there. Pan checked and Lew offered a discounted price of 750,000. Pan came along and both players quickly tapped the table on the 8♠ river.

Pan showed A♦9♥ but he was bettered by Lew's 9♣9♣. Lew gets up to 10,250,000 with Pan down to 7,000,000.

12:05am: We're heads up!

We're now heads up for the title with Randy Lew holding a narrow chip lead over Jimmy Pan.

Lew: 9,000,000
Pan: 8,250,000

12:00am: Jeff Rossiter eliminated in 3rd place

After than previous blow, Jeff Rossiter was on the short stack when he moved all in preflop with 9♠T♥ but Jimmy Pan made the call with A♥Q♣.

The board was spread K♥5♠A♠6♣9♦ to give Pan a pair of aces and inflict the rare taste of elimination upon the young Aussie as he departs in 3rd place for a pretty HK$1,306,000 in prize money.


Jeff Rossiter eliminated in 3rd place

11:55pm: Lew wins key coinflip to cripple Rossiter

In the end, it was probably always going to come down to a coinflip between these three talented players. The coin has been tossed in the air and fallen the way of Randy Lew.

Lew started with a raise to 320,000 from the button before Jeff Rossiter three-bet to 755,000 in the small blind. Lew came back with a four-bet to 1,320,000, Rossiter moved all in and Lew made the call!

Rossiter: A♠J♥
Lew: T♣T♠

The board ran out 6♦8♥2♣K♠8♦ to leave Lew's pair in front for a massive double up. Lew doubles up to over nine million in chips with Rossiter now crippled.

11:45pm: Double for nanonoko

Action folded to Randy "nanonoko" Lew in the small blind and he moved all in. It was around 2.2 million but Jeff Rossiter didn't wait for a count as he snap-called!

Lew: A♣7♠
Rossiter: K♦Q♠

Lew was in front and it stayed that way on the board of 8♦A♥9♣J♠2♦. Lew doubles to 4.5 million with Rossiter slipping down to 5.4 million.

11:40pm: Play resumes

The players are back with the blinds up to 80,000/160,000 with an ante of 20,000.

11:30pm: Ten-minute break

11:25pm: Pan turns up the heat

Jimmy Pan is starting to put the sword to his two better-known opponents as he's now closing in on the chip lead after a big clash with PokerStars Team Online player Randy "nanonoko" Lew.

Catching the action on the turn with the board reading 6♥2♥4♥6♠, Pan led out with a bet of 345,000 from the big blind with Lew making the call on the button as the K♣ fell on the river. Pan reached deep and slid out a hefty 1.285 million into the middle.

Lew didn't take long to make the call but mucked when Pan tabled J♥8♥ for the flopped flush. Lew is now on the short stack with 3.3 million while Pan is now right in the hunt with 6.5 million.


Jimmy Pan is right in contention at the APPT Macau

11:10pm: Pan pulls the check-raise

Jimmy Pan just pulled off a nice check-raise in a very rare multi-way pot. Jeff Rossiter min-raised the button and both opponents called in the blinds to see a flop of J♣2♥7♣.

All three players checked and the 5♦ hit the turn. Pan checked to Randy Lew who bet 340,000. Jeff Rossiter quickly called but Pan came back with a raise of an additional 1.1 million. Lew and Rossiter quickly released to give Pan a nice pot.

Pan is up to 4.9 million but still the short stack against Lew's 5.5 million and Rossiter's 7 million. It's proving to be a tight three-way battle with three very good, aggressive players with plenty of chips to play with. We could be here a while!

10:50pm: Pan rues the river

Jimmy Pan and Jeff Rossiter have been tangling in some preflop three-betting, but it is Randy Lew who just picked up a chunk of Pan's stack.

Lew has been the least active player of the threesome, but that didn't stop him defending from the big blind with a less than optimal J♥3♠ when Pan raised to 280,000.

The flop came Q♦8♥3♣ and Pan fired 345,000. Lew made the call before both players checked the 7♠ turn. The river was the J♠ to give Lew two pair and he was happy to call the bet of 650,000 from Pan who cringed as he opened Q♣T♥ for just one pair.

Pan is down to 2.8 million with Lew barely putting a foot wrong as he moved up to six million.

10:25pm: Double for Pan

Jimmy Pan has had to battle with one of the short stack for most of this final table, but he has finally landed a big double up to now be a real threat in this extremely tough three-way dance.

Pan opened with a raise from the button before Jeff Rossiter moved all in from the big blind. Pan made the call with A♠K♥ as Rossiter tabled live cards with his Q♠J♣.

Rossiter flopped the lead when it landed 4♣J♦8♦ but the A♥ turn was the saviour for Pan as he reclaimed the lead. The river was the 6♥ and Pan doubles to around 4.4 million with Rossiter down to 7.2 million.

10:20pm: Fabian Spielmann eliminated in 4th place

Jeff Rossiter opened with a raise from the small blind of an additional 160,000 before Fabian Spielmann declared himself all in from the big blind. Rossiter made a quick call as the cards were flipped!

Spielmann: K♠T♠
Rossiter: A♣Q♣

With over seven million chips in the middle, the flop fell K♣J♣8♥ to put Spielmann in front but Rossiter had flopped flush and straight draws to go with his ace. He didn't have to wait long as the 2♣ hit the turn to complete his flush and seal the deal. The meaningless river was the 8♦ to end the PokerStars Qualifier's run in 4th place for HK$1,019,000. Meanwhile Rossiter is now up to a mighty 9.5 million chips.


Fabian Spielmann eliminated in 4th place

10:10pm: Level up, blinds 60,000-120,000, ante 10,000

The blinds are up to 60,000-120,000 with a 10,000 ante which should kick up the action!


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