APPT Macau: Seet sits with chip lead headed to Day 3

Those who saw it stood with mouths agape. Those who heard about it said, "What?" It seemed more than simply unlikely. It seemed downright silly. Nonetheless, it's true. As the remaining APPT Macau main event players go to bed tonight in advance of tomorrow's Day 3, they're all behind a chip lead of staggering proportions. Singapore's Nathaniel Seet leaves the PokerStars Macau poker room this evening with 774,500 in chips, just about five times the average chip stack.

It is just the latest in a series of big stories to hit APPT Macau. On Day 1a, it was Phil Ivey's return to tournament poker. That story evaporated late today when Ivey departed short of the money. On Day 1b, it was the record field and Johnny Chan. That record field of 575 has been whittled down by 80%, but Chan remains with 244,400. Today, the story was all Seet and his roughshod run over the field. Quiet, unassuming and full of smiles, Seet amassed a pile tonight that has no near rival.


Nathaniel Seet

Though those big stories have stolen the headlines over three days of play, there are others. Team PokerStars Pro Jose "Nacho" Barbero continued his quest today to add an APPT notch on his bedpost. His high-water mark on the day had him looking at 370,000 in front of him. He ended with 257,400, well better than average and more than enough to work with on Day 3. Joining him under the flag of the big Red Spade is Team Online's Randy Lew. Accostomed to playing 24 tables at a time, Lew kept his focus today and finished Day 2 with an average stack.


Nacho Barbero on Day 2

The remaining players were treated to an earlier than expected Friday night. It gives them the chance to head out for some fun before bedding down for the night. That could well mean a long day on Saturday.

No matter how long Day 3 is, one thing is guaranteed: seventy players will find themselves in the money before we hit dinnertime tomorrow. After that, it's the scrape and brawl for the nine-handed final table.

For a look back at the quick day, check out any of the links below. You can also visit out chip counts page for a look at how everybody stacks up against our chip leader.

Levels 9-12
Levels 13-14

If that's not enough, check out Lynn Gilmartin and Danny McDonagh with tonight's Nightly Notables:

After that, all we can do is get some rest and prepare for a long day on Saturday. Until then, goodnight from Macau.

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Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Macau