APPT Queenstown Day 1b: Levels 5 & 6 (blinds 200-400, ante 50)

7:05pm: Day two is in the books

With that, we are officially done for the day! The remaining 28 players have all bagged and tagged their chips, with Germany's Marcel Schreiner having been confirmed as our Day 1b chip leader with 72,600, followed by Matty Yates (62,100) and Andrew Hinrichsen (54,550). We'll have a full wrap of the day's play for you later in the evening.

7:00pm: Bertenshaw squeezes a late double up

AJ Bertenshaw has found a handy double up late in the day at the expense of Tom Grigg.  Bertenshaw squeezed all in for an additional 10,750 following a raise to 1,500 and a call.  The original raiser folded but Grigg decided to make the call.

Grigg tabled 9♠9♣ but was in trouble against Bertenshaw's Q♣Q♦.  The board ran out 5♦J♣6♠J♥6♥ to double up Bertenshaw to around 26,000, leaving Grigg with 48,000.

6:55pm: Oliveira obliterated

Just before SKYCITY Queenstown Tournament Director Toni Quedley announced to the room that three more hands would be played before bagging and tagging for the night, Marcos Oliveira found himself all-in with A♣Q♣, only to run into the K♥K♦ of fellow Australian PokerStars Qualifier Ben McLean.

With neither player improving on the board of 5♣7♦8♠5♦7♠, Oliveira moved it into the middle before the flop in the very next hand with T♠T♥, but could only smile as Ryan McKay snap-called with A♦A♣.

The dealer spread the board of J♦7♥K♠8♥J♥ and with that, Oliveira is out the door just that little bit early to get himself a bite to eat before tonight's Welcome Party at the Wild Thyme bar, but sadly, his run in the tournament has come to an end.

6:45pm: Cardno finds an out

One local who hasn't found things easy on home turf is Martin Cardno.  He's been battling with a short stack for large periods of today but he's just found the double up that may turn his tournament around.

The victim was APPT Sydney runner-up Ben McLean who opened for 1,100 before Cardno moved all in from the small blind for 7,900 in total.  McLean made the call and opened 7♥7♦ to find himself racing with Cardno's A♥Q♦.

Cardno missed the 4♦J♦K♥ flop but he did pick up a straight draw, and it got even better when the 3♦ appeared on the turn.  Cardno had any ace, queen, ten or diamond to win the pot and he connected when the Q♣ appeared on the river.

Cardno doubles to 17,000 with McLean slipping to 16,000.

6:40pm: Philip keeps on chippin' up

Team PokerStars Online Pro Dale Philip has now padded his stack up to 63,400 as we edge ever close to the end of Day 1b.

The action folded to Philip who raised to 1,050 from middle position before the big blind called to go head-up to a flop of 4♦A♥8♣, which they both checked. The big blind then bet 1,500 on the turn of the T♥ and Philip called, but when the big blind checked the river of the 3♥, he got quizzical after Philip fired out 5,000.

"Did you call on the turn so you could bluff the flush on the river?" the player asked. Philip remained stony-faced as his adversary thought about it for a few seconds, but then decided to muck his cards. Philip flashed the A♦ before scooping in the pot.

"Well, I didn't have that!" Philip's adversary joked.

6:30pm: River raise for Laidlaw

Daniel Laidlaw opened with a raise to 900 and found himself two customers including Dale Philip in the big blind.  The flop landed 8♣9♥8♥ and it was checked to Laidlaw who bet 1,700.  One fold but Philip stuck around to see the Q♦ hit the turn.  Both players checked and it appeared that Philip's bet of 2,400 on the 5♠ river might be enough to get the job done.


Daniel Laidlaw has 49,000 reasons to smile right now

Laidlaw sat motionless for a minute before reaching for chips and raising the bet to 7,600.  Philip was troubled by the bet and after playing with his chips for a few moments he let it go.

Both players are still in good shape with Philip at 64,000 while Laidlaw is up to 49,000.

6:25pm: Lucky sevens favour Quon

After being crippled a little earlier when the "lucky sevens" went against him, Stephen Quon has found some joy with the luck of the sevens finally turning in his favour.

Quon moved all in preflop for his last 1,225 and found two callers who checked down a board of K♣2♦7♠J♣7♣.  Quon gave a fist-pump of delight before opening 7♥6♥ for trip sevens which was good for a triple up!  He's back up to around 4,000 and has a pulse once again.
6:15pm: Laidlaw hits up Hinrichsen; Levy dries up

Just as the clock ticked over into the final level of the day, Daniel Laidlaw managed to double up through Andrew Hinrichsen, but Grant Levy wasn't so lucky in his attempt.

Earlier, Laidlaw moved the last of his money into the middle after a pre-flop raising war with Hinrichsen holding Q♠Q♦, only to find himself well ahead of Hinrichsen, who had called him with A♣T♦.

Hinrichsen was unable to find any help on the board of 4♠2♥6♦2♦6♠ board and was reduced to 23,000 in chips while Laidlaw moved up to 49,000.

Soon after, our reporter picked up the action on Levy's table on a flop of 5♠2♦9♥, with the 2007 APPT Sydney champion having moved all-in for around 20,000. Germany's Marcel Schreiner snap-called and Levy turned up 9♦8♣ for top pair, but was crushed by the A♠A♣ of Schreiner.


The 2011 APPT Queenstown Snowfest Main Event is over for Grant Levy

Neither the turn of the K♠ or the river J♠ changed the outcome of the hand and Levy was done and dusted. Schreiner, however, is now sitting behind a stack worth 70,000 in chips!

6:05pm: Level up, blinds 200-400 (ante 50)

6:00pm: Karamalikis finds some voice

One player who has been unusually quiet so far today is 2010 APPT Sydney Grand Final champ Jonathan Karamalikis.  However the "Dong" is starting to find some voice after collecting a nice pot from Jeff Bucher.

The board read K♣Q♣5♥4♦7♥ when we arrived to see a bet of 6,000 in front of Karamalikis and Bucher contemplating his decision.

"I don't have too many options if you go all in," chirped Karamalikis as he looked down at his last 3,000-odd chips.

"Alright, I call," exclaimed Bucher, but he couldn't better Karamalikis' K♠Q♠ for top two pair.  With that pot, Karamalikis is up to 28,500.

5:50pm: Ladies fail Quon

Daryl Reid has been waiting patiently for a spot to double up and when he looked down at A♥7♥ he decided to go with it for his last 8,050 chips.  However he ran smack-bang into Stephen Quon's Q♥Q♠.


Stephen Quon can't believe his luck!

With the chips in preflop, Reid was looking for an ace but the 7♠T♦7♣ flop was just as good as he spiked trips to leave Quon with his head in his hands in dismay.  The turn was the 9♣ and river the 9♥ as the ladies fail Quon, leaving him with just 2,100 in small change. Reid doubles to around 16,500.

5:40pm: Cool float

Ricky Kroesen opened with a raise from middle position and Cameron McDonald defended his small blind with a call as the two took a flop of 9♦7♥6♠.  McDonald checked it to Kroesen who continuation bet for 825.  McDonald called as the J♠ hit the turn.

Action was checked by both players and the 2♦ completed the board on the river.  McDonald flicked out a yellow 1,000-denomination chip and Kroesen thought for a moment before matching the bet.

"Ace-high," said McDonald.

"Same here," replied Kroesen, but McDonald's A♣T♠ out-kicked Kroesen's A♦8♦ to collect the pot.

"Cool float," sighed Kroesen as he slips back down under starting stack with around 19,000.

5:30pm: Lyons expires

We're now down to 33 players after Ireland's Reggie Lyons was eliminated at hands of New Zealand PokerStars Qualifier Christopher Roy.

The action folded to Lyons who raised to 675 from middle position; Raymond McCarthy called from late position, but Roy quickly re-raised before Lyons shoved all-in for 11,350. McCarthy folded and Roy snap-called.

Roy: Q♠Q♥
Lyons: A♦K♦

Lyons caught a piece of it on the flop of Q♦K♠2♦, but Roy soared even further ahead with middle set. A A♣ on the turn was of some hope, but a meaningless 3♣ bricked out on the river.

With Lyons now on the rail, Roy is up to 26,000 and we're down to 33 players.

5:20pm: Levy double-barrelled

Grant Levy has taken a duo of small blows after his opponents double barrelled to get through the Levy defences.

In the first hand, Levy defended his big blind with a call versus an under-the-gun raise to 700.  The flop was K♥K♦9♥ and Levy check-called for 875 but was forced to fold to a bet of 1,975 on the 4♦ turn.

Two hands later Levy was on the button and he three-bet to 2,275 following an opening raise to 850 from Jaimie Faux.  The flop landed 7♦2♦8♠ and Faux decided to lead out for 3,400.  Levy was quick to call and the turn fell the 8♦. Faux fired again for a sizable 11,000 and Levy wasn't thrilled as he reluctantly tossed his cards once again. Levy slips to 23,000.

5:10pm: Watt burnt out, Hachem smashed

With 34 players remaining in Day 1b of the APPT Queenstown Snowfest, the staff have broken down the first table of the day, but two of our biggest names in the field are sadly not amongst them, with 2009 APPT Auckland champion Simon Watt and Australian Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem having been eliminated before the last break of the day.

Earlier, Watt was sent crashing to the rail at the hands of Reggie Lyons.  The action was all preflop with Watt opening with a raise, Lyons re-raising, Watt shoving all in and Lyons making the call with 9♣9♥ to have Watt's 5♣5♦ in trouble. The board ran out A♦4♦7♥J♣9♣ to eliminate Watt and jump Lyons up to 20,000.


Simon Watt's hopes of a second APPT title on home soil have been crushed

A short time later, a very frustrated Hachem stormed out of the Summit Room. As Glen Maiden recalled to us, Hachem raised to 600 before the flop and New Zealand's Matty Yates called from the big blind to go heads-up to a flop of [T][T][8].

Hachem led out for 1,200 and Yates called before calling Hachem's bet of 5,000 after the dealer peeled off a [7] on the turn. Hachem then moved all in when a [5] dropped on the river, only to muck angrily after Yates called him with [T][9] for trips.

Granted, it's not an ideal way to start a Queenstown holiday, but at least Watt and Hachem will have plenty of time to let off some steam on the slopes.

5:00pm: Play resumes, blinds 150-300, ante 25

Landon Blackhall
@PokerStars in Queenstown