APPT Queenstown Day 2: Levels 11 & 12 (blinds 1000-2000, ante 200)

7:15pm: That's a wrap!

As the rain descends upon Queenstown, the PokerStars Blog team are wrapping things up here in the Summit room, and it's Germany's Marcel Schrenier on top of the chip counts with 453,800 in chips! Despite losing the big hand to Schreiner, Tom Grigg is still second overall with 220,500, with Australian PokerStars Qualifier Jonathan Karamalikis (192,800), New Zealand's Ben Paurini (180,100) and Carl Knox (148,100) rounding off the top five.

In all, 21 players will be returning tomorrow after a much-needed sleep-in with the scheduled 4pm start. We'll have a full wrap-up of the day's coverage for you soon.

7:05pm: Schreiner's soul read takes its toll on Grigg

As all the other tables had finished bagging and tagging, a massive hand unfolded between Tom Grigg and Marcel Schreiner in the biggest pot of the tournament to date.

Grigg raised to 4,500 from under the gun and the action folded to New Zealand PokerStars Qualifier Jackson Zheng who called from the cutoff. Schreiner re-raised to 10,800 from the button and the blinds got out of the way, but Grigg four-bet it, making it 24,700 to go.

Marcel Schreiner_APPT Queenstown S5 Main Event_Joe Giron_GIR1658.jpg

Marcel Schreiner digs deep within himself before making the ultimate hero call

Zheng folded and Schreiner called, the called Griggs bet of 25,000 after the flop of K♣4♥5♦ and then both players checked the turn of the 6♥ before Grigg fired out 35,500 on the river of the 7♣.

It was at this point that Schreiner went deep into the tank, the pain on his face clear as he mulled over what had played out, shifting in his seat uncomfortably and groaning loudly before making a crying call with merely an A♠Q♥, in sheer hope that he was ahead.

He must have picked up on something though, because Grigg rolled up A♦9♥! And with that, Grigg is down to 200,000 in chips while Schreiner is now miles ahead with more than 460,000!

6:55pm: Schreiner shuts out Chevalier

We are now guaranteed a new Queenstown champion after Danny Chevalier was eliminated by Marcel Schreiner.

The action folded around to Chevalier who raised all-in for around 25,000 from the cutoff; Schreiner snap-called from the big blind and Chevalier turned A♠J♣ but was far from impressed to see Schreiner table A♦A♣.

Even though Chevalier paired up on the board of 3♥9♠J♥6♥2♣, it wasn't enough to stay alive and Schreiner is now our likely overall chipleader going into Day 3 tomorrow, now holding 360,000 in chips.

6:45pm: Keiso KO'ed

It's now all over for Estonian PokerStars Qualifier Roland Keiso, who was taken out at the hands of New Zealander Ben Paurini.

Paurini raised to 8,500 before the flop before Keiso shoved for his last 35,500 holding 6♥6♦. Paurini called, tabling A♠3♠, but despite Keiso hitting bottom set on the flop of 9♠Q♣6♠, Paurini hit the nut flush when the turn and river ran out A♣, 2♠.

Keiso's free to enjoy the rest of his time exploring what Queenstown has to offer, while Paurini will be around a little longer, now holding 185,000 in chips.

6:30pm: Bellard busto

The last remaining female player in the field, Rachel Bellard, has just been eliminated over the space of two hands as we tick over into the final half-hour of play.

Earlier, 2009 ANZPT Queenstown champion Danny Chevalier moved all-in with A♦K♣ and was called by Bellard, who was trailing with her A♠T♣. With neither hand improving on the board of 6♠J♦3♣5♦4♠, Bellard was left with just 11,300 in chips, which went into the middle a short time later as she held K♦8♠, but again found herself behind, this time against the A♣7♦ of Marcel Schreiner.

Rachel Bellard _APPT Queenstown S5 Main Event_Joe Giron_GIR1618.jpg

It just wasn't Rachel Bellard's day

Schreiner improved to two pair on the board of 2♠7♥2♣J♦9♦ and with that, Bellard was eliminated. Chevalier is now up to 25,000, but will have a long way to go to catch Schreiner, who's well out in front now with 285,000.

6:15pm: Lunt shunted

It's all over for New Zealand's Jamie Lunt, having got the last of his money into the middle before the flop with 9♠9♦, but running into the T♠T♥ of fellow Kiwi Jackson Zheng.

The board was spread 5♣2♣2♥8♦K♣ and Zheng is now up to 115,000 while Lunt is out the door.

6:05pm: It's a clearance Sale, all stock must go

Having come into today's Day 2 with the overall chip lead, Alicia Sale was in great shape to have made a run to the money, adding to her previous success leading up to this event. However, it's all come crashing down around her and she's now out of the 2011 APPT Queenstown Snowfest Main Event.

After a pre-flop raise from Australian PokerStars Qualifier Jonathan Karamalikis, Sale moved the last of her stack into the middle with A♦J♦. Karamalikis called, showing down Q♠J♣, but Karamalikis hit the straight with the flush draw on the the flop of T♠9♠8♠.

The Q♦ then appeared on the turn and Sale now had a chance to chop to stay alive, but to her dismay, the 7♠ came down on the river and that was the end of her tournament, chipping Karamalikis up to 110,000.

6:00pm: Level up, blinds 1,000-2,000 (ante 200)

5:55pm: MacDonald jacked

Following a limp from under the gun, Tom Grigg raised it up to 4,000.  Jackson Zheng called on the button before Jeremy MacDonald moved all in for his last 36,800 in the small blind.  The action was then with Marcel Schreiner in the big blind who announced a call as the other three players got out of the way.

Schreiner showed J♥J♠ but MacDonald had a monster with his K♠K♣. The flop was an interesting 2♦2♣2♥ and Schreiner was calling for a deuce-ace board for a chop.

Instead, he got the perfect J♣ on the turn to improve to a better full house and leave MacDonald with just two kings on the river to survive.  It wasn't to be as the Q♣ hit the river to eliminate MacDonald in unfortunate fashion as Schreiner climbs to a very healthy 260,000 chips.

5:40pm: Sale crippled

Alicia Sale has been crippled and then more than tripled as her rollercoaster ride in this tournament continues.

After Wayne Bell moved all in for his last 14,000 from middle position, Sale called for most of her chips with A♣Q♥ as the race was on against Bell's J♥J♣.  The board ran out 5♠2♣T♦K♣7♠ to double Bell to 30,000 and leave Sale with just 3,000.

After losing her small blind and folding a few hands, Sale decided to get her last 1,900 in with A♦8♦ and managed to triple up, bettering Jonathan Karamalikis' T♣9♣ on a K♠5♣7♦A♠9♠ board.  Sale is still alive with about 8,000 in chips.

5:35pm: Emerson back on track

The action folded around to Australian PokerStars Qualifier Jonathan Karamalikis, who raised to 3,400 before the flop from middle position; Emerson Rewi then shoved for 22,700 from the cutoff and the others got out of the way before Karamalikis snap-called with 8♠8♦, but Emerson had him dominated with his A♥A♦!

5:30pm: Timely rockets for Caris

After losing with a set over seat earlier in the day, Charles Caris was due for a little luck to go his way.  So it was well-timed that he looked down at A♦A♠ in time to double up his short stack.

Following an early position limp from Kyle James, Caris moved all in for an additional 22,700 next to speak.  The table folded around and James reluctantly made the call and saw the bad news for his K♦Q♦.

The board ran out 2♠4♠A♣6♠5♥ to double Caris back up to 50,000 and leave James with about 35,000.

5:25pm: Jackson crippled

Jackson Zheng has just taken a huge hit to his stack from Germany's Marcel Schreiner to shrink back to 76,000 in chips.

Jackson Zheng _APPT Queenstown S5 Main Event_Joe Giron_GIR1574.jpg

Jackson Zheng is not feeling the best right now after being crippled by Marcel Schreiner

As it was recalled to our reporter on the scene, Zheng had six-bet-shoved with pocket tens (with one of them being the T♦), but ran smack-bang into Schreiner's pocket queens. Zheng's chances improved greatly after the flop brought three diamonds, but the turn and river bricked out and Schreiner's now back up to 240,000 in chips.

5:10pm: Ship it to Schreiner

Having been six-bet-shoved out of a pot by Tom Grigg in the last hand on his table before the break, Marcel Schreiner is back up to 120,000 after relinquishing some chips from Jeremy MacDonald.

From under the gun, Schreiner raised to 3,500 and the action folded around to MacDonald who called from the big blind, making it heads-up to the flop of 2♦4♠J♥. MacDonald checked to Schreiner who led out for 4,400; MacDonald check-raised, making it 10,500 to go and Schreiner called before the dealer peeled off the T♥ for the turn.

It was there that MacDonald bet 16,000, but after three minutes in the tank, Schreiner raised to 51,000. MacDonald thought better of it, sending his hand into the muck and letting his stack slip to 100,000.

5:00pm: Play resumes, blinds 800-1,600 (ante 200)

Top 10 chip counts

Tom Grigg (Australia) 250,000
Jackson Zheng (New Zealand) 220,000 PokerStars Qualifier
Artur Prokhorov (Russian Federation) 140,000 PokerStars Qualifier
Andrew Hinrichsen (Australia) 135,000 PokerStars Qualifier
Jeremy MacDonald (New Zealand) 130,000
Alicia Sale (New Zealand) 105,000
Cole Swannack (New Zealand) 103,000
Daniel Laidlaw (Australia) 102,000 PokerStars Qualifier
Ben Paurini (New Zealand) 100,000
Hugh Cohen (Australia) 100,000

Tournament Area_APPT Queenstown S5 Main Event_Joe Giron_GIR1490.jpg

Landon Blackhall
@PokerStars in Queenstown