APPT Queenstown: Schreiner shines on Day 1B

It's been another exciting day here in the Summit Room, with Day 1b of the APPT Queenstown Snowfest Main Event having come to an end. But before we let our hair down tonight at the Welcome Party, it's that time of the night where we wrap up all the action for you. No mucking about - let's get down to it!

Unlike yesterday's Day 1a flight, the locals were greatly outnumbered by the Australians this afternoon, with a total of 43 players ponying up the dough. The Aussies got off to a great start early, with 2009 ANZPT Queenstown Main Event champion Danny Chevalier chipping up to more than 30,000, as well as 2007 APPT Sydney champion Grant Levy and online phenom Tom Grigg, but Jesse McKenzie took a fairly big hit early against Raymond McCarthy. McKenzie was unable to recover much from that point, but still managed to scrape in with 8,850 in chips.

However, Daniel Neilson was confirmed as our first elimination of the day, getting all his money into the middle on a Q♠5♦3♦8♥J♣ board with nothing more than busted straight and flush draws holding 9♦6♦, but Russian PokerStars Qualifier Artur Prokhorov picked him off, calling with K♦K♣ and sending him to the rail.


Artur Prokhorov was the first past the 50,000-chip mark after eliminating Daniel Neilson

With Prokhorov up to 54,000 by the first break, PokerStars Team Online's Dale Philip turned up the heat and moved to 46,000 after eliminating the lone female player in today's field, Leanne Haas. Philip put Haas all in on the turn on a board that read 4♦4♥T♦7♣ and she called with 5♦5♣, but she was far from pleased to see the Thailand-based Scot show down K♠K♦. Despite her elimination, Leanne is survived by her husband David, who bagged up 23,375 in chips.

Meanwhile, popular Aussie Ricky "rickwaa" Kroesen was swinging wildly, and after losing a big pot to New Zealand's Jeff Bucher, Australian Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem arrived on the scene, but his tournament life ended merely one hour later when he was busted at the hands of Kiwi Matty Yates before the second break.


A rather forgettable day for the 2005 World Champion

Hachem was joined soon after by Simon Watt when he ran his 5♦5♣ into the 9♥9♣ into Ireland's Reggie Lyons, but he was soon sent packing after losing the flip for his tournament life with A♦K♦ against the Q♠Q♥ of New Zealand PokerStars Qualifier Christopher Roy. Grant Levy was also eliminated in the final level of the day, moving the last of his money into the middle of 5♠2♦9♥ with 9♦8♣, but was snapped off by Germany's Marcel Schreiner, whose A♠A♣ held all way down the rest of the board.

We should also mention the brave effort from Australian PokerStars Qualifier Stephen Quon, who after copping a brutal beat when his Q♥Q♠ were cracked by Daryl Reid's A♥7♥ when the flop brought trip sevens, managed to hold on for as long as he could, still managing to end the day with 4,800 in chips.


Martin Schreiner is on top of the Day 1b chip counts

However, it was Martin Schreiner who finished in pole position today, bagging up a total of 72,600 in chips. Matty Yates was also rewarded for his hard work, finishing second overall with 62,100. Daniel Laidlaw (60,075), Andrew Hinrichsen (54,550), Jonathan Karamalikis (50,700) and Ryan McKay (50,250) were also rewarded for their hard work, while Tom Grigg, who had held the chip lead for most of the tournament, is still nipping at their heels with 48,900 and in great shape for another deep run in an APPT event.


A solid day from Team PokerStars Online's Dale Philip

Dale Philip will also be feeling confident coming back into Day 2, with the PokerStars Team Online player signing off on exactly 48,000 in chips, while Michael Pedley (41,400), Artur Prokhorov (32,975), Ricky Kroesen (26,900), Ben McLean (26,050), Danny Chevalier (23,525) and Martin Cardno (15,575) are also amongst those survived the day. In all, 28 players from today's flight will return on Friday.

Top ten chip counts:

Marcel Schreiner (Germany) 72,600

Matty Yates (New Zealand) 62,100
Andrew Hinrichsen (Australia) 54,550 PokerStars Qualifier
Jonathan Karamalikis (Australia) 50,700

Ryan McKay (Australia) 50,250
Daniel Laidlaw (Australia) 50,075 PokerStars Qualifier
Tom Grigg (Australia) 48,900
Dale Philip (Scotland) 48,000 PokerStars Team Online
Michael Pedley (Australia) 41,400PokerStars Qualifier
Jeff Bucher (New Zealand) 36,275

Click here for the full Day 1b chip counts.

For now though, whether you're busto, robusto or in between, it's time to shake things up at the Wild Thyme bar, with the APPT Queenstown Snowfest Welcome Party, kicking off at 9pm local time, before we return tomorrow at 12.30pm (GMT +12) for Day 1d.

And if we don't see you there, we'll see you back here on the PokerStars Blog. Until next time - may the flop be with you - and be sure to check out today's Final Four video on with Lynn Gilmartin and yours truly:

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Landon Blackhall
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