APPT Seoul: A breath of fresh air

Here's a little story that should make PokerStars Blog guru Brad Willis pretty happy. You may recall his public health message at the PCA to spread the word amongst poker players to wash their hands after exiting the bathroom. We appreciate Brad's contribution towards a better planet, and while hygiene in Asian poker rooms has never really been the most popular topic of conversation, we thought that we should pay special tribute to the Paradise Walkerhill Casino here in Seoul following our recent visit to the stalls.

We present to you our poker player's health message #2.

After washing your hands and eliminating the risk of spreading bacteria to your poker table mates, why not take their experience playing poker with you to the next level.

There's nothing worse that bad breath. Sure, germs on poker chips are pretty nasty, but when the guy seated next to you sparks up coversation with something that starts with whatever he ate for dinner the night before, it's enough to force a cringe from the best poker face.

The Paradise Walkerhill Casino has solved problem with complementary mouthwash! Hooray for refreshing minty goodness!


So players, please do everyone a favour and take advantage of this service!

But the mouthwash is not the only great thing we've noticed in the bathroom (Ahem, say what?).

In true Korean style, they've digitized and gadgetimized the most humble of every day instruments just about everywhere you go. Taking photos in the bathroom usually gets you in trouble, but these electronic gizmos are probably best described through picture.


I decided against experimenting with the bidet, but the hand dryer worked a treat...


...although I'm guessing that most of those controls are somewhat unnecessary. Whatever they do. The little light at the bottom turned bright red when the dryer was in use which was pretty impressive. It said "Poong". Whatever that means.

And speaking of innovative gadgets, we should also mention the great feature we found in the Sheraton Grande Hotel where we are staying...


Guests of the hotel now have easy access to a local cell phone which is located in each room. There are no rental charges, incoming calls are free and there are reasonable rates for both local and international calls. What a great idea!

The Koreans are full of great innovations, and while I'll refrain from further bathroom stall photos, we look forward to whatever gadget they will surprise us with next!

@PokerStars in Seoul