APPT Seoul: Girl power

Looking around the Walkerhill Poker Room and we've noticed that among the remaining 84 players there are a significant percentage of female players still in contention. In fact, there's barely a table that doesn't have at least one woman playing, and many of them have two or more.

In our feeble attempt at researching some statistics about this we stumbled upon a report that estimated that women comprise of approximately 3% of the field in major live poker tournaments around the world. Is that number accurate? Who knows, but for the purposes of this piece, it's a good place to start.

At the time of writing, our head count around the room found 14 women still remaining which, according to our feeble attempt at math, equates to a little over 16% of the field. That's impressive, no matter how you look at the numbers.

It's great to see so many women take up the game of poker and among them today were some of Asia'a finest.

Hailing from Chinese Taipei, Kitty Kuo is one of Asia's most decorated female players. With results across Europe and Asia, including the 2009 Macau Poker Cup title, Kuo was crowned the 2009 Asia Player of the Year as recognition for her achievements as the best player in the region during that year. Unfortunately her day was short-lived as an early casualty today.


Faring a little better is Wooka Kim, who currently holds about 9,000 and change to still hold some hope of a repeat deep run here in Seoul. She finished 10th in this event in 2008 and with three WSOP cashes to her name she has proven to be one of Japan's finest female players.

Of course, we would be remiss not to mention the progress of our lone PokerStars Team Pro in today's field.

"It's been a slow day!" sighed Celina Lin with a smile as we recently checked in for an update. Lin recalled to us that she was able to double up early, making a full house against an opponent's nut flush, but since then it's been a real grind.

"I lost some back to Daren (Yoon) with a flush against his full house, so maybe that was karma!" Lin added.


Lin has one of the most impressive records of any player in Asia, and will be very determined to reach her first APPT cash since 2007 as she currently holds a stack of around 35,000 chips.

Will we see some of these ladies go all the way to emulate Vivian Im's breakthrough victory at the APPT Cebu? Let's hope so. Not only is it good for the game, it keeps my blogging buddy Dave "F-Train" Behr very happy indeed.

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