APPT Seoul: It's a fine line

The bubble is always a fun time to be part of a poker tournament. It doesn't matter if you're a player, an observer or a reporter, we all enjoy the drama associated with the fine line between success and disaster. There's a small, twisted part inside all of us that derives a little bit of pleasure from pain.

In fact, if you got all of the most painful bubbles in poker history and put them together into a compilation, it would probably make pretty entertaining viewing. Or perhaps it would be more like a bad horror movie. Anyway, it got us thinking about some of the craziest bubbles we can remember.

We recalled Kia Hamadani blinding down to a single ante before bubbling the 2009 WSOP Main Event, before nervously reminding Lynn Gilmartin of the 2010 WSOP Main Event exit of Team PokerStars Pro Angel Guillen. Hamadani received entry into the Main Event the following year (which he turned into a nice score!), but when Guillen's pocket aces were cracked by pocket jacks two places from the money, he'd bubbled the bubble to become the last player to go home empty-handed in the biggest event in the world. Ouch!

Of course we only have to look back at the APPT Seoul event in 2008 to provide one of the most exciting bubble periods that we've seen when David Saab went from hero to zero in minutes to bubble in devastating fashion.

One man among our final 29 players who is especially keen to avoid the money bubble is Malaysian Daren Yoon. At the recent Macau Poker Cup series, Yoon pure bubbled two of the side events and now lurks dangerously close to making it number three.

He was recently all in with 6♦6♥ against a short stack's J♦J♠ but somehow managed to chop when the board ran out 2♠Q♦2♣2♦Q♣.


"I really don't mind," quipped Yoon as we asked him if the bubble now held any fears.

When we suggested the potential for a new nickname should he fall short again today, Yoon was a little more defensive.

"Bubble King? Well they are calling me Burger King at the moment," he chirped, in reference to a recent interview with Lynn Gilmartin discussing the food options here at the casino. "So perhaps Bubble King would be an improvement," he added.

With the bubble about to "pop" we look forward to grabbing front row tickets to watch. One more elimination. It will be pleasure for 28, and pain for one. Popcorn please!

@PokerStars in Seoul