APPT Seoul: That was a crazy game of poker

Arriving into the Paradise Walkerhill Casino this morning and it was business as usual. We found our desk, fired up the old laptop and settled in for another day of blogging duties. It was pretty quiet in the poker room, with tournament staff setting up tables and dealers getting last minute instructions for Day 1b of the APPT Seoul Main Event.

However then we noticed something rather interesting from one of the nearby cash game tables.


It's not unusual for big cash games to get up during a tournament series. It's also not unheard of for them to run for insanely long hours through the wee hours of the morning. But we weren't really expecting that here in Seoul, so it was a little surprising when the whispers reached our desk about a big cash game that had been running all night, and now, well into the next day. We spotted Michael Guzzardi sitting in the game so we decided to find out what was going on.

"This is the craziest game I've ever played!" exclaimed a slightly fatigued Guzzardi as he filled us in on the night's activities.

Guzzardi had played Day 1a of the Main Event yesterday but decided to jump straight into the cash games late last night. The game started as a $10-$20 Pot Limit Omaha game but quickly degenerated.

"It was 10-20-40-80-160 and sometimes even 320!" said Guzzardi referring to the enormous straddles that were employed. "There was a huge crowd. It was out of control!"


Guzzardi recalled to us that there was one player driving the action which he described as looking like a "cartoon villian" with chunky jewellery and a polarizing presence at the table. He was apparently paying people to accept prop bets with him on the colour of the flop, and was pretty much running over the entire table, except for Guzzardi.

"I was the only white guy at the table," continued Guzzardi, "and every time I won a pot he threatened that he'd get in back! It was all in fun of course because no one wanted him to leave!"

According to Guzzardi, the player had arrived at the table with around $2,000 and ran it up to almost $50,000 before giving it all back again.

"He then went over to the Baccarat tables, won it all back and then came back to the game!" laughed Guzzardi.

So for those in Seoul reading this, take note. The cash games are gooooood and will be running all week here in the Paradise Walkerhill Casino.

Of course the big question we had for Guzzardi was how did he do? Well, looking down at his stack of around $10,000, he looked up and smirked, "I'm up a little."

And finally, just as this piece was being uploaded to the live blog, the game was broken as the table was required for extra tournament entrants for the Main Event, much to the dismay of Guzzardi.

"At least I can go to sleep now," Guzzardi sighed as he racked up and left the poker room.

@PokerStars in Seoul