APPT Seoul: Deal done and two more down

Following some lengthy discussions over a few slices of pizza, the final four players have worked out the following deal, based loosely on chip counts with a little negotiation thrown in.

Andrew Kim: KRW 110,000,000
Moritz Ortmann: KRW 106,000,000
Rafael Sans: KRW 94,500,000
Vincent Rubianes: KRW 90,500,000

In addition, the winner will receive another KRW 35,000,000 on top, as well as the title and a shiny new trophy.

When play resumed we were hoping for some fireworks due to the "winner takes all" deal, but the players continued to jockey for position. First, Andrew Kim extended his advantage when he flopped a straight to devastate the stack of Rafael Sans, before Sans got some back with a double up through Moritz Ortmann.

It left Ortmann as the short stack, and found one double up through Vincent Rubianes, but couldn't make it two in a row. Ortmann shoved all in from under the gun for 685,000 and Rubianes thought for a few moments before quietly announcing a call.


Ortmann tabled a vulnerable 2♦2♥ as Rubianes opened K♥Q♥. The board ran out 5♥3♣Q♦K♠7♥ to smack the American twice and eliminate the German PokerStars qualifier in 4th place.

Ortmann will be disappointed to be the first of this quartet to go, but at the same time, he's the biggest benefactor of the deal.

It didn't take much longer for Rafael Sans' resistance to end as he shoved his K♥5♣ into the A♠K♣ of Andrew Kim in a battle of the blinds. Sans needed a five but it wasn't to be as the 8♠3♣9♠8♦6♥ board left him headed to the rail in third.


And just like that, we're heads up for the crown! Andrew Kim holds the chip lead with 3,005,000 to Vincent Rubianes' 2,120,000. Interestingly Kim proposed a secondary deal to chop the remaining prize money but Rubianes was having none of it. Game on!

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