APPT Seoul: The severing of Severino

After a lengthy period of a whole lot of nothing, the deadlock has finally been broken with the recent elimination of Jose Severino in sixth place.

It was a tough final table for Severino who battled long periods on the short stack. It seemed that he won the small pots but lost the big ones, as evident by almost eleven stacks of blue 1,000-denomination chips that comprised of his stack of 280,000 before his final hand.


After doubling up Rafael Sans with ace-jack versus ace-queen, Severino was forced into short-stacked ninja mode. He was able to pick up the blinds on a couple of occasions, but his timing was astray when he moved all in from the cutoff with A♣Q♥. Moritz Ortmann was sitting on the button with A♥K♥ and quickly announced a call as the blinds got out of the way.

Severino cringed when he saw the bad news and as he would need a queen to survive. The speedy dealer flopped 3♦T♥9♣ onto the table, and seemed eager to deliver Severino's fate as final table announcer Dom Choi had to put the brakes on her to attempt to build up a little suspense for our railbirds. Only a queen could save the Panamanian PokerStars qualifier but it wasn't to be as the 7♦ turn and 3♠ completed the board.

Severino shook hands with his opponents and left the poker room to collect 34 million Korean Won for a great tournament run.

Meanwhile Ortmann was left to walk to the other end of the table to collect the towers of chips that he'd just earned, padding his stack to 1.3 million and narrowing the gap on the lead of Andrew Kim who currently sits with 1.9 million with five players remaining.

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