APPT Macau: Kim eyeing Warm-Up prize pool, 2nd ACOP title

This $25,000 (HKD) Warm-Up event boasted a $5 million (HKD) guarantee, and with 358 total entrants that meant the prize pool met the guarantee and then some, totaling a whopping $7,986,980 (HKD) -- the equivalent of approximately $1,023,971 USD.

The top 44 finishers will be dividing up that money. A minimum cash earns one an even $40,000 HKD, while the winner is due a handsome $1,777,000 HKD payday.

Here's a look at how the payouts will be divided for this $25,000 HKD buy-in event with the approximate equivalents in U.S. dollars also noted:

2012 ACOP Warm-Up Payouts:
1st: $1,777,000 (HKD); $227,821 (USD)
2nd: $1,226,000 (HKD); $157,179 (USD)
3rd: $731,000 (HKD); $93,718 (USD)
4th: $579,000 (HKD); $74,231 (USD)
5th: $459,000 (HKD); $58,846 (USD)
6th: $375,000 (HKD); $48,077 (USD)
7th: $291,500 (HKD); $37,372 (USD)
8th: $215,500 (HKD); $27,628 (USD)
9th: $175,500 (HKD); $22,500 (USD)
10th: $139,780 (HKD); $17,921 (USD)
11th-13th: $115,800 (HKD); $14,846 (USD)
14th-16th: $95,900 (HKD); $12,295 (USD)
17th-20th: $75,900 (HKD); $9,731 (USD)
21st-25th: $55,900 (HKD); $7,167 (USD)
26th-30th: $47,900 (HKD); $6,141 (USD)
31st-44th: $40,000 (HKD); $5,128 (USD)

Scanning the room at the moment -- as the remaining Day 1b players return from the last break of the day and begin Level 7 -- there's one who appears to have positioned himself the best thus far to land a spot inside the top 44.

Gab Yong Kim of Korea, boyfriend to Team PokerStars Pro Vivian Im, looks to be the first player in the room to have reached 100,000 chips, as he returns to a stack of 114,000 as play resumes.


Gab Yong Kim

Kim is running hot at the moment, having just won Event 3 of the ACOP, an HKD $4,000 event in which 150 participated.

Kim took away a nifty first prize of HKD $128,300 for that victory, nearly matching the score made by Im in Event 1 (the HKD $10,000 Deep Stack Championship) where she finished third for HKD $171,300.

We'll see how Kim fares during the last two levels. Im, by the way, has already made it through to Day 2 after finishing Day 1a with a stack of 44,000 -- just a bit under the average for the 67 players who survived on Saturday.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Martin Harris
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