APPT Macau: Randy Lew, man of action

Among the PokerStars banners situated around the tables here at the Asia Championship of Poker is one of Team Online Pro Randy "nanonoko" Lew. In the picture his arms are folded, suggesting a relaxed state. Yet the list of accomplishments underneath suggest otherwise, characterizing Lew to be a man of action.

There we read both of his Supernova Elite status and of his victory in the Season 5 APPT Macau Main Event, the latter coming after he bested a field of 575 players to claim a first prize worth $486,709 (USD).

Also listed is Lew's "Guinness World Record for 'Most Hands of Poker Played in Eight Hours'" which he set at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure earlier this year. For that achievement, Lew played as many as 40 tables at once in order to put in 23,493 hands -- more than 2,900 hands per hour.

It's unsurprising then, to report that Lew has been quite active today during the first four levels of Day 1b of the ACOP Warm-Up. Noticing he'd already nearly doubled his starting stack of 20,000 by the middle of Level 4, we decided to look in on the young player from California for an orbit's worth of hands to gather a sample of just how active he was being this afternoon.


Team Online Pro Randy "nanonoko" Lew, ready for action

Lew began with the button and a stack of about 38,000. The table folding to Lew, he raised to 725, a bit more than 2x as the blinds in Level 4 are 150/300 (with a 25 ante). The small blind reraised to 1,150, and when it folded back to Lew he stepped aside.

The next hand saw an early position player raise to 700, and Lew in the cutoff joined a trio of callers that included the hijack and big blind. The flop came 7♣3♣5♦ and the big blind led with a bet of 2,500. It quickly folded to Lew who paused for a several seconds before calling. Both players then checked the 8♦ turn.

The river brought the 4♣ and another check from Lew's lone remaining opponent. Lew pushed out a bet of 3,000, and his opponent promptly check-raised to 7,500. Lew studied for a bit then called, and his opponent immediately showed his K♦Q♠ (a bluff). Lew tabled his 6♠5♠ (an eight-high straight) and claimed the pot.

Lew was back at it on the next hand, opening for 725 from the hijack seat and getting callers from the button and both blinds. The flop came 6♥3♣6♣ and when it checked around to the button who bet, everyone else folded, Lew included.

Lew folded the next two hands from middle position. On the next hand he opened for 625 from UTG+1 and got two callers (cutoff and small blind). The flop came 3♣4♦[10s] and when checked to Lew continued for 900, getting one caller in the small blind. The turn was the J♥, and again Lew's opponent checked. Lew bet 1,600 this time, and the small blind countered with a check-raise to 4,000. After thinking for a few seconds, "nanonoko" said no thanks and let his hand go.

He'd fold the next hand (UTG). He also would fold from the big blind following a raise from middle position. Finally from the small blind he joined a group of callers for a family pot, then folded to a flop continuation bet.

That's nine hands, with Lew voluntarily getting involved for five of them, ending the sequence with a few more chips than what he had to start -- about 42,000. He'd maintain that stack for the rest of Level 4, going to the 30-minute break that followed with 41,575.

Unlike some of the other players who dashed over to the food station positioned along one of the walls of the Exhibition Centre as soon as the break began, Lew took his time, checking his phone for messages as he sauntered over. The line forming didn't seem to bother him as he slipped in behind the others, content to wait his turn.

Observing him from afar, one might not assume him to be the sort of person who craves action. But when play resumes in a little while, it's reasonable to expect Lew will continue with his role at the table as a man of action.


Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in Day 1b