APPT Macau: Wengelin wins last big pot, claims lead for Day 2

There were all-ins aplenty to punctuate the end of play on Day 1b of the Asia Championship of Poker Warm-Up event. Following several bustouts and large exchanges of chips, it was Johan Wengelin of Sweden who managed to win the last big pot of the night to bag the most chips of the day and take the overall chip lead heading into Day 2 with 149,400.

Prior to Wengelin's big hand, there were others affecting the leaderboard in significant ways. Hai Bo Chu (China) who ended the night with 141,100 chips, and Mike "SirWatts" Watson (Canada) who finished with 136,700 were involved in a few, as was Julian Powell of the U.K. who ended the night with 130,700.


Julian Powell

Thorsten Pegrin of Austria would ultimately accumulate 100,100, the only other Day 1b player to crack six figures.

Gab Yong Kim of Korea had enjoyed the chip lead early in Level 7, though rough times found his stack shrinking as Level 8 wore on. He'd win a big all-in, though, and by night's end had chipped back to a healthy 96,200.

Other late night drama included Team Online Pro Randy "nanonoko" Lew winning a big preflop all-in with A♦K♥ versus an opponent's A♠Q♦. The board came nine-high in that one, rewarding Lew with a 80,000-plus chip pot and enabling him to make it to Day 2 with 86,000.


Team Online Pro Randy "nanonoko" Lew

Lew will be joined tomorrow by Team Pro Vivian Im who made it through Day 1b with a stack of 44,000. Team Pro Celina Lin also made it to the end of today's play with a short stack of 31,400. Not ideal, but her Sunday went better than did her teammates Eugene Katchalov and Raymond Wu who both fell before night's end, and Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier and Bryan Huang who were eliminated earlier in the afternoon.

And Johnny Chan was nursing a below-average stack by the time the last hands of Level 8 played out. Soon he, too, was all in, having pushed on a flop of J♠A♣7♦ and gotten called by a fellow short-stack whom he had outchipped.

Chan's opponent tabled A♦J♦ for top two pair, but Chan had 7♣7♥ for a set of sevens, and when the board ran out 5♣ and then 9♣, Chan had secured enough chips to make it back on Monday. The two-time WSOP champion will return to a stack of 59,400.


Johnny Chan

But as mentioned above, it was Johan Wengelin who picked up the last big pot of the night to sneak past everyone else to claim the overnight chip lead.

Wengelin's big hand started as a three-way pot in which he overcalled a bet and a raise. The flop then came [Q][9][8], and when Justin Chan -- the other caller -- bet (about half the pot), Wengelin made it 10,000 to go, forcing out the original raiser. Chan then pushed back with an all-in reraise for about 38,000, and Wengelin called.

The Swede held [Q][9] for two pair, better than Chan's [Q][J] though vulnerable. But the remaining two streets blanked out and Wengelin's hand held, meaning he'd end the night with that leading stack of 149,400.


Johan Wengelin

A total of 71 players survived Day 1b, meaning there will be 138 altogether returning for Monday's Day 2. Only the top 44 finishers will be paid, so the drama tomorrow will surround the bursting of the bubble and subsequent determination of who that is left will make the nine-handed final table.

Consolidating the counts from Days 1a and 1b, here's how the top 10 will look when Day 2 begins:

1. Johan Wengelin (Sweden) -- 149,400
2. Hai Bo Chu (China) -- 141,100
3. Mike Watson (Canada) -- 136,700
4. David Martirosyan (Russia) -- 131,100
5. Julian Powell (U.K.) -- 130,700
6. Rong Fan (China) -- 126,400
7. Jordan Westmorland (Thailand) -- 116,600
8. Katsuhiro Muto (Japan) -- 108,300
9. Thorsten Pegrin (Austria) -- 100,100
10. Ping Lin (China) -- 98,000

Players return at 3:10 p.m. local time tomorrow, and so will we!

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