APPT Macau: ACOP Warm-Up final table, a picture of patience

With the average stack at about 40 big blinds and no player dangerously short, it wasn't too surprising to see the pace proceed somewhat slowly to start the final table. The table chat picked up as well, with all nine clearly enjoying having made it this far and appearing in no hurry for their ACOP Warm-Up experience to end.

Here's how they looked just prior to getting started:


Nearly the entire Level 22 passed by without any major confrontations occurring. Then in the last hand of the level it folded around to David Martirosyan in the small blind who raised 2.5x to 50,000. Chip leader Jeff Rossiter then announced he was shoving all in from the big blind, and after a bit of thought Martirosyan called with the rest of his chips.

Martirosyan was all in for 424,000 total with A♠J♦ and hoping to hold versus Rossiter's A♥6♥. The flop came J♠4♠3♠ to pair Martirosyan, and by the [10h] turn Rossiter was drawing dead. That pushed Martirosyan up around 880,000 while Rossiter slipped back to about 1.1 million -- still leading, but the gap between the Aussie and the pack had narrowed.

They were about 15 minutes into Level 23 (12,000/24,000/4,000) when Rossiter got involved in the second significant pot of the final table, this time versus Doaxing "Bobo" Chen.

Chen opened that one with a raise to 60,000 from middle position, then Rossiter reraised to 115,000 from the hijack seat, forcing folds the rest of the way around. Chen thought a beat, then called, and the flop came 6♣2♠J♦.

Chen checked quickly, and Rossiter also wasted little time before betting 145,000. Chen paused for about a half-minute, then carved out 350,000 chips with which to raise. Rossiter looked over the situation for about 10 seconds, then called. The pot was already pushing up close to 1 million.

The turn brought the 5♦ and a check from Chen, in response to which Rossiter immediately declared he was all in.

Chen went deep into the tank, looking over at Rossiter repeatedly as he contemplated what to do. "Bobo" recounted his remaining chips, looked back at Rossiter, then looked up at the ceiling while rubbing the side of his face in thought. Finally he let his hand go.

With that one, Rossiter is back up over 1.5 million while Chen slips back to about 540,000. Rossiter quickly got involved in another decent-sized pot with Adam Latimer, but other than the chip leader the rest of the table is mostly staying out of harm's way as they patiently proceed.

They'll be playing another half-hour in Level 23, then will take a 45-minute dinner break.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Martin Harris
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