APPT Macau: Day 3 underway; Rossiter on top, 15 remain

The final day of play has begun in the ACOP Warm-Up, with the 18 remaining players -- hailing from 11 different countries -- taking their seats mid-afternoon to begin the task of playing their way down to a winner.

After about an hour of play, Jeff Rossiter has pushed back in front by maintaining a stack of more than 900,000. Meanwhile, three players have hit the rail here in the early going.

The tourney resumed with about 20 minutes left to go in Level 18 (blinds 4,000/8,000, ante 1,000).


Len loses all-in, out in 18th

On one of the first hands of the day, Ping Len of China found himself all in before the flop for his last 110,000 or so holding 8♥8♣ and up against one opponent in his fellow countryman Daoxing "Bobo" Chen who held A♣K♠. The flop came [10d]K♥[10h] to put Chen in front, and after the 7♦ turn and 9♦ river, they were quickly down to 17.

Muto meets end in 17th

Meanwhile, super-short stack Munkhbayer Nyamsuren of Mongolia was folding his way through the first orbit-and-a-half on the other table, and by the time they moved to Level 19 (5,000/10,000/1,000) he was down to less than 40,000.

Soon Nyamsuren was in the big blind and found himself all in with 9♣3♦ against the K♠9♦ of Jan Zeuschner of Germany playing from the small blind. But the board rolled out 6♥8♦[10h]7♦A♦ allowing Nyamsuren to chop the pot and survive.

Right after that hand it was the Aussie Rossiter raising to 20,000 from middle position, then Katsuhiro Muto of Japan reraising all in from the cutoff for 97,000 total. It folded back to Rossiter who called with [10s]9♠, and Muto turned over his 6♣6♥.

The flop came [10d]Q♥2♥ to give Rossiter tens, putting him in front. The turn was the 3♣ and river the A♠, and Muto was out in 17th place, like Len earning $75,900 (HKD) for his finish.

After nursing short stack, Nuyamsuren out in 16th

Nuyamsuren pumped his fist on the other table -- celebrating his having lasted through a pay jump -- and soon after that was all in again with 6♣6♠ versus Hiu Man Ng's A♣J♦.

As happened with Muto, the sixes failed Nuyamsuren as the board rolled out 9♣9♠[10d]K♥K♠, the better two pair on board rendering his sixes no good to him. Out in 16th, Nuyamsuren earned $95,900 (HKD) for his finish.


Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Martin Harris
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