APPT Macau: Hu, Avanesian, Powell out; 12 remain

They are halfway through Level 20 in the Asia Championship of Poker Warm-Up event. Since our last update, the field has shrunk further down to just a dozen players.

Hu hits rail in 15th

China's Renyong Hu met his end in 15th place ($95,900 HKD) in a hand that began with a bunch of limpers all calling the 10,000 big blind -- Hiu Man Ng (UTG), Johnny Chan (UTG+1), Jan Zeuschner (HJ), and Gordon Huntly (SB).

Hu was in the big blind, and after checking his hand he raised all in for about 145,000. Ng folded quickly, then Chan took a while before doing so. Zeuschner then reraised all in himself, and Huntly stepped aside.

Hu showed A♥4♣ while Zeuschner turned over J♠J♥. The board came 5♥5♠K♠6♥9♠, and Hu was out in 15th. Afterwards, both Ng and Chan said they'd folded aces.


Renyong Hu, 15th place

Avanesian ousted in 14th

The Russian Stanislav Avanesian had been surviving with a short stack for a while. He made it right up to the end of Level 19 before finding it necessary to commit his last chips with K♦Q♣ against the J♠4♠ of David Martirosyan in a blind-vs.-blind confrontation.

The community cards came A♠3♦4♣9♣9♦, pairing Martirosyan's four and sending Avanesian out in 14th ($95,900 HKD).

Powell put out in 13th

Level 20 had begun (6,000/12,000/2,000) when Julian Powell (U.K.) was the next to go in 13th. Powell had pushed his last 140,000 or so with A♦9♣, but unfortunately had run up against chip leader Jeff Rossiter's A♠Q♥. The community cards came 3♥[10h]A♥Q♠J♠, and Powell's run was over. He earned $155,800 (HKD) for his finish.

It has been a good start of the day for Rossiter, who after that elimination had pushed his leading stack up over 1.3 million. "Bobo" Chen has had a good Day 3 so far, too, and now sits in second position with about 900,000.


Jeff Rossiter

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Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in Day 3