APPT Macau: Huntly, Ng eliminated; final table underway at ACOP Warm-Up

We've had two more eliminations and have thus reached the final table for the $25,000 (HKD) ACOP Warm-Up. Jeff Rossiter currently still enjoys a big chip advantage, sitting with more than 1.5 million when his nearest foe has less than 900,000.

Here's how the last two eliminations played out:

Huntly's run ends in 11th

Gordon Huntly (U.K.) had been playing with less than 100,000 chips for much of Level 21. On one occasion he shoved from the button for 73,000, then Johnny Chan thought a while before calling him from the big blind.

Huntly flipped over his [10c]8♠, and Chan grinned sheepishly as he showed his [10s]3♠. Then the flop brought the other two tens, coming [10d][10h]K♠, and after the Q♥ turn and 5♥ river the pair chopped the pot.

A short while later a hand arose in which Joseph Cheong opened for 35,000 from the small blind, then Huntly reraised all in from the big blind for about 75,000 and Cheong called.

It was A♦4♦ for Huntly this time versus the 2♥2♠ of Cheong. The community cards brought no improvement to Huntly's hand, coming Q♥6♦5♠6♥6♣, and the 2012 ANZPT Sydney winner was out in 11th ($115,800 HKD).


Gordon Huntly, 11th place

Ng knocked out in 10th

They'd reach the end of Level 21, with Rossiter still in front with about 1.6 million, Rong Fan next with 760,000, and Adam Latimer in third position with 700,000. Meanwhile both start-of-day-leader David Martirosyan and Joseph Cheong were sitting with a little less than 500,000, putting them at the bottom of the counts (though not that far behind the others).

About 10 minutes into Level 22 (10,000/20,000/3,000), a big hand came up in which Johnny Chan opened with a raise, then watched Joseph Cheong shove all in for 414,000 total from the small blind and Hiu Man Ng reraise-shove for about 440,000. Chan shrugged and folded his hand, flashing [8][8] quickly as he did.

Cheong showed [10d][10s] and Ng A♥K♦. The board came 2♥5♠6♦9♦8♠, Chan reacting with a wince at that river card as he noted he would have called Cheong had Ng not made his reraise.

That hand bumped Cheong up close to 900,000 while knocking Ng back to less than 30,000.

The Hong Kong player would survive one all in -- tripling up, in fact -- but soon was at risk again with Q♣J♣ against Jan Zeuschner's 9♥8♥. The community cards came 8♠2♥2♦9♠A♥, leaving Zeuschner with the best hand and eliminating Ng one spot shy of the final table.


Hiu Man Ng, 10th place

The remaining nine players have now reassembled around the final table up on the main stage. Here's a look at how they are seated and their current stacks:

Seat 1: Johnny Chan (US) -- 671,000
Seat 2: Rong Fan (China) -- 745,000
Seat 3: Joseph Cheong (Canada) -- 854,000
Seat 4: Adam Latimer (UK) -- 858,000
Seat 5: Daoxing "Bobo" Chen (China) -- 616,000
Seat 6: David Martirosyan (Russia) -- 495,000
Seat 7: Jeff Rossiter (Australia) -- 1,555,000
Seat 8: Andrey Shatilov (Russia) -- 597,000
Seat 9: Jan Zeuschner (Germany) -- 645,000

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in Day 3