APPT Melbourne: Flying the flag for Team PokerStars

The stars are out to play here at the APPT Melbourne Main Event with the red spade flag of Team PokerStars being dusted off and prepared to fly high this week. It's been some time since we've seen so many members of Team PokerStars together at a poker event here in Australia, but we'll have as many as six members of the team hitting the tables of the course of the APPT Melbourne Main Event.

Bryan Huang has been travelling the Australian poker circuit recently with several appearances in local events. He'll be here tomorrow along with poker queen Celina Lin and Mexico's Angel Guillen who has been racking up some frequent flyer miles after tasting some success at events on the Latin America Poker Tour and European Poker Tour. Guillen is on track for a rare record this week as he could potentially become the first person to ever cash in Main Events on the LAPT, EPT and APPT in the same calendar month. In fact, he's probably setting a record anyway as the first player to even play in events on the LAPT, EPT and APPT in the same calendar month!

_MG_2061_Angel_Guillen_EPT9BAR_Neil Stoddart.JPG

Also tomorrow we'll see Vivian Im in action, although she may have liked to get into town a little earlier after getting stuck in transit due to the typhoon that passed through Asia in the last few days.

"OMG!! My flight is delayed because of the Typhoon. Yesterday all flight have been cancelled. I can't go Melbourne today!" posted Im on Facebook yesterday so we hope she gets in safely.

Today's field features both Team PokerStars Pro Raymond Wu and PokerStars Team Online member Roy "GodlikeRoy" Bhasin. Unfortunately there hasn't been a whole lot of news to report from these two. Wu was up very early in the day but those chips quickly slipped away as Wu lost a big hand with pocket jacks against kings to find himself as low as 7,000 in chips at one point. As we observed a few hands recently on his table, Wu was able to put in a three-bet shove, followed by a preflop raise and flop continuation bet to win another pot to get some breathing room with a stack of around 10,000. There's a long way to go in this event, but Wu will be looking for a quick double up or two before the end of the day.

Bhasin has also been quiet on his table. In fact, his sprint from the bathroom to catch his two cards before the dealer had finishing pitching them around the table was about as much action as we can report. He's managed to nudge his stack up to 35,000 to remain in safe territory as we approach the end of the day.


We'll keep an eye on our PokerStars team in the final level and hopefully maintain a perfect record of 2-0 through to Day 2.

@PokerStars in Day 1a