APPT Melbourne: The blogger's lifeline

Being a tournament blogger doesn't require too much assistance for us to do our job effectively. All we need is a desk in a quiet corner of the room, preferably with a moderately comfortable chair, a nearby power outlet for the humble ol' lappy, and a connection with the World Wide Web to broadcast our updates across the universe. Give us those three things and we're pretty content. Some reporters would be known to add a hot coffee to that list of necessities, but surely that's an optional add-on right?

We almost got the full list of requirements today when we arrived at the APPT Melbourne this evening. A desk was put in place for us and the chairs are fine. Tick. Our internet connection worked first crack - a rare treat indeed. But unfortunately the overzealous marketing teams at the APPT and Crown left us a little high and dry when it came to power.

The Crown Poker room is currently ablaze with a sea of red banners appropriately labelled "APPT Melbourne" with the large pillars throughout the room featuring the Aussie Millions champ, Oliver Speidel, looking down upon the poker action throughout the room.


It looks great and provides a great environment for this major event, but unfortunately the enormous banners located on the pillars behind our blogging desk were so big that they extended over our usual handily-located power point, leaving our laptops gasping for life.

"Got a pocket knife?" was the question thrown around, but no one was willing to be the one to slash this beautiful banner, nor admit to actually carrying a pocket knife.


Our laptops battled on manfully, but ultimately succumbed to the lack of juice, dying a slow, painful death before our eyes. Our job seemed so simple, but without a lifeline, we were rendered useless.

Thankfully the team at Crown were on the job as quick as a flash with a Plan B. After a quick phone call or two, the support staff were called out to find a resolution and through a complex network of extension cords and heavy duty tape, they were able to provide us with the beautiful electricity that we (and our readers) take for granted.

Phew. Now, it's time for a coffee...

@PokerStars in Day 1a