APPT Melbourne: Embracing diversity

Australia is a country that embraces its multiculturalism. Melbourne in particular has an enormously diverse community and we're proud to share this great land with people from all walks of life. If you've spent any time in Melbourne, you've probably found yourself walking through Chinatown, eating pasta along the very Italian Lygon Street, or enjoying a Baklava from the Greek precinct in Lonsdale Street.


Chinatown in Melbourne

If you've also spent any time in the Crown Poker Room you would also have experienced a wonderfully-diverse mix of players at the tables. Some have been here since the early days when Two-Card Manila was the game of choice, while the new generation of online players have certainly made their presence, taking aggression to whole new levels.

Looking around the room at the mix of players today for Day 1b of the APPT Melbourne Main Event, it makes you think where or how these players made their way to a seat in today's event. Each one of them has a different story to tell.

Some are quite possibly playing in their first ever major tournament. They probably won their way to a $5,000 seat through Crown's popular step satellites which start from just a few dollars. They're here to enjoy the experience and crave a min-cash to pay some debts back home. Other satellite winners will be through online satellites on PokerStars. Again some may have just taken a shot and are on a freeroll of a lifetime, while some will be regular satellite grinders, looking to once again make a deep run towards an elusive APPT trophy.

Then there's the professionals. The sharks lurking in the waters who have forked over five large from their back pocket to take their +EV seat. They are here to win and are prepared to risk it all for their chance at the big bucks.

As the players take their seats we've already spotted plenty of sharks and they are looking hungry. In particular it's great to see Team PokerStars out in force with Bryan Huang, Celina Lin, Vivian Im and Mexican Angel Guillen taking their seats in the Crown Poker Room. A diverse mix of highly talented pros who will feel right at home here in Melbourne.


Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin during her successful Macau Poker Cup

We'll be keeping an eye on them throughout the day as we expect over 150 entrants today to challenge last year's total number of entrants. Stay tuned into the PokerStars Blog as we bring you regular updates and the stories of these players at the APPT Melbourne Main Event.

@PokerStars in Day 1b