APPT Melbourne: Down they fall

Crown Poker Room head honcho Jonno Pittock just swung by our desk to share his surprise about the rate of attrition today in the APPT Melbourne Main Event.

Approaching the end of the third level of the day, already we've lost almost half of our starting day field. We started with 168 just a few short hours ago, but the big screen is currently showing just 89 players remaining.

I guess there were plenty of short stacks when we started the day and combined with some of the more aggressive players holding a lot of the chips, such as Tom Grigg, Tam Truong and Brendon Rubie, it has meant that the play has been pretty wild so far this afternoon.

"What's the line?" said Pittock.

He was referring to the number of players left at the end of the day, and the way things were going, we had to give it a little thought. Last year, Day 2 ended at 37 players although we'll be playing one more level today than we did last year. Could we really get to the money tonight?

"We might have to call it early," added Pittock. "Otherwise we could be in for a short day tomorrow!"

Such is the nature of tournament poker nowadays, the tsunami of eliminations has claimed a couple of our Team PokerStars Pros. Raymond Wu was a very early casualty when his ace-queen failed to get past Pat Dillon's pocket kings, while Celina Lin's triple barrel bluff didn't work as Adam Cusenza wasn't going anywhere with his set of sevens.


Its left PokerStars Team Online member Roy Bhasin as the only red spade left in the field. That's worked out pretty well for us, as now we can drop in the interview that Roy recently did with PokerStars hostess Lynn Gilmartin:

@PokerStars in Day 2