APPT Melbourne: Grigg and Rubie together again

We've just noticed an interesting quirk in the table draw as Day 3 of the APPT Melbourne Main Event kicks off. For the third day in a row, Tom Grigg and Brendon Rubie find themselves seated side by side.

For the entirety of day one and two, Brendon Rubie had arguably the toughest seat in the house with the ultra aggressive Tom Grigg seated to his direct left. It didn't deter Rubie who has played exceptionally well for two days to be among the chip leaders throughout.


For Grigg, he had the advantage of position over the talented Rubie and was also travelling well yesterday, but he must have eaten something fishy at dinner after it all came undone late in the day to leave him battling on a short stack when Day 3 kicked off.

Today the roles are reversed, with Rubie now the one with position to the direct left on Grigg. You'd think by now these two would be sick of the sight of each other!

"Meh, position doesn't matter when you've got this stack!" laughed Grigg when we asked him about going up against Rubie for the third day in a row.


But in fact Grigg was simply happy to even be here after we discovered on Facebook that he had overslept this morning.

Tom Grigg: Shit shit shit 15 bigs going into day three and I sleep in lol wp Tom
Julian Cohen: Maybe don't waste time on Facebook mate. Good luck
Tom Grigg: Driving with my knees tbh
Josh Budin: ‎15BB is too deep, good strat getting there late

"I couldn't sleep so I was up at 7am and watched a couple of documentaries," explained Grigg. "Meg [his girlfriend] went to work and I fell back asleep. I set my alarm for 11:30am but it didn't go off! I woke up at 12:10pm and then made it to the casino in record time!"

Fortunately Grigg didn't miss too many hands, although we do feel somewhat responsible for him missing one more hand while we had a quick chat. Grigg was in the cutoff and made a dive for his cards but the eager dealer had dragged them into the muck quick as a flash.


"Awww, can I at least see what they were?" sighed Grigg. His request was declined by the dealer.

"Righto, I'm not leaving my seat again on your watch," laughed Grigg but perhaps it actually saved him some chips as Billy Argyros went on to win the pot holding pocket eights in the big blind.

Grigg is still one of the short stacks with 34 players remaining and just six places from an $8,455 min-cash.

@PokerStars in Day 3