Queenstown Snowfest: The morning after the night before

As is tradition at all PokerStars events around the world, the players last night were welcomed to Queenstown with a party at the Wild Thyme Bar at the SKYCITY Queenstown Casino.

Highlights included an open bar, a lavish spread of delightful snacks, a three-piece band and Robin Lim doing his best to amaze his audience (while annoying the restaurant staff) by bending forks with nothing but the power of the mind!



The first time James Broom has ever been "out-muscled"

A throng of PokerStars qualifiers were in attendance, at least, until someone suggested the idea to chase young female British backpackers around town. That's what happens when you get a group of twenty-something, single, male poker players together in the one room I guess. But then again, since when did socially awkward, natural-light-starved online poker players start caring about chasing girls? Clearly -EV.

A couple of those guilty players have managed to show up here on time here on Day 1a of the Queenstown Snowfest Main Event, but we'll refrain from making any assumptions about the correlation between them showing up on time and their success last night.

Some of the notable players taking part on Day 1a include Minh Nguyen, Kristina Griffiths, Dave Allan, Ryan Boswell, Ryan Hong, Mishel Anunu, Daniel Neilson, Didier Guerin, Kiwis Cole Swannack, Jackson Zheng and Richard Lancaster, ANZPT Sydney champ Michael Kanaan and WSOPE bracelet winner Andrew Hinrichsen.

There are close to five full tables in action, and combined with a couple of extra no-shows from overseas PokerStars qualifiers, it has just been announced that today's field is locked out at 51 entrants. That's a record for a single sitting here in Queenstown so we're well on the way to a record field.

We've been told that we'll be playing six levels today which should see things wrap up this evening at the blogger-friendly time of 7:00pm local.


@PokerStars in Day 1a