Queenstown Snowfest: The leap of faith

One of the things that lures over two million tourists to Queenstown every year is the variety of adventure-packed activities that one can partake in. It is called the adrenalin capital of the world for a reason. If you love nothing the thrill of the rush then Queenstown is the place for you.

One of the most popular activities is the Bungy Jump, and Queenstown is actually the birthplace of this devilish creation. AJ Hackett pioneered this madness at the Kawarau Bridge in the tiny town of Queenstown, and according to their website they have been "throwing people off things since 1986"!

Bungy jumping is now a worldwide phenomenon and considered the ultimate adrenalin rush, and what better place to do it than off "The Ledge" here in Queenstown.


Located 400 metres above Queenstown, The Ledge offers a runway to launch yourself off the edge of the side of a mountain with a special harness allowing you to attempt various jumping styles such as The Flying Squirrel, The Matrix, The Back-flip, The Gainer, and our personal favourite, The Karate Kid.

If that's not enough for you, try taking a leap of faith at night with the stunning lights of the Queenstown city as your backdrop. It's breathtaking before you even jump!


One might think it's difficult to draw parallels between a death-defying feat like bungy jumping and a simple game of cards, but there are plenty of similarities between the rush of the bungy and the rush of making a big bluff or raking in a big pot on the tables. While poker may not risk life and limb, it does get the heart racing and the blood pumping, and it's part of the reason why we all love this game.

A new batch of players have strapped their ankles and have harnesses in place as they take their seat for Day 1b of the Queenstown Snowfest Main Event. They will be a little nervous, some it will be their first time, and all will be hoping to just survive the day.

Some of those taking the leap of faith in today's field include Jesse McKenzie, Danny Chevalier, Patrick Healy, Joel Feldman, Ami Barer, Luke Edwards, Alex Lynskey, Billy "The Croc" Argyros, Matthew Wakeman, Ivan Zalac, Tom Grigg, Ben McLean, Ricky Kroesen, Jacky Wang, Liam O'Rourke, Ben Richardson, James Honeybone and the current ANZ Player of the Year leader, Anthony Aston.

As the cards are in the air, the hearts will definitely be racing. The poker rush is on!

So while there may be a few similarities between bungy and a poker tournament, there's one distinct difference - not everyone survives a poker tournament.

@PokerStars in Day 1b