Queenstown Snowfest: Davids dominate Day 2

A unique split format greeted players today at the Queenstown Snowfest Main Event. By all accounts, the players enjoyed the format where Day 2 was split into two halves due to the restrictions in size of the poker room. 87 players were split into Day 2a, which started at 12:30pm, and Day 2b which commenced at 4:00pm. Both flights played three levels where the field was virtually halved again.

At 7:30pm the players came together for the first time where they played on for an additional three levels before play wrapped up for the evening.


Anthony Aston was looking to increase his advantage on top of the ANZ Player of the Year leader board, but he committed himself with ace-jack against Laurynas Levinskas' pocket jacks. Aston wasn't able to find an ace as the POTY race is now wide open heading into Melbourne next month.

Day 1c chip leader Nurlan Boobekov wasn't able to survive and joined the rail alongside the likes of Hung-sheng Lin, Jarred Graham, Leo Boxell, Liam O'Rourke, James Honeybone, John Shin, Danny Chevalier, Andy Hinrichsen and PokerStars Team Online member Roy Bhasin.

At the other end of the scale, Dave Allan continued to plough through the field while 2011 ANZPT Sydney champion Michael Kanaan was also looking dangerous, despite making a huge fold with pocket aces on a dangerous board against Matthew Wakeman.

Day 1b chip leader Ken Demlakian dropped back to the field, before surging late, while Ricky Kroesen enjoyed the dynamics of his table late in the evening to move towards the chip leaders.

The chip count leader board looked pretty set until the final hand of the day, changed things again. David Zhao won a huge coinflip on the final hand to eliminate Kristian Lunardi to move towards the chip leaders but, in the end, no one could catch Dave Allan.


The Toblerones were flowing well into the evening as the field was reduced to 31 by the end of the day.

Allan dominated all day and when his J♥T♥ flush cracked the pocket aces of Justin Huege de Serville, Allan had emerged a clear chip leader with a stack of 280,000.

Top ten chip counts
David Allan (Australia) - 280,000
David Zhao (Australia) - 242,300
Michael Kanaan (Australia) - 239,100
Ricky Kroesen (Australia) - 201,000
Jordan Westmorland (Thailand) - 184,000
Ivan Zalac (Australia) - 158,200
Billy Argyros (Australia) - 120,400
Ken Demlakian (Australia) - 119,100
David Wonson (Australia) - 117,200
Chiu Yeung Lee (New Zealand) - 115,900

Michael Fadersen (72,200), Matthew Wakeman (66,200), Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang (64,200), Craig Blight (63,000), Stewart Ballard (56,000), Richard Lancaster (36,000), Ben McLean (34,900), Jason O'brien (30,000) and Aaron Benton (29,500) are also safely through to the day.

Day 3 will kick off at 12:30pm tomorrow (GMT+12) where we'll be playing all the way down to a final table. APPT chief Danny McDonagh as already predicted that it won't be a long day, so he's already got his table booked at Botswana Butchery.

We look forward to you joining us again tomorrow as we bring you all the stories behind the stacks of the Queenstown Snowfest for you right here on the PokerStars Blog.


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