Queenstown Snowfest: Lickity Split

As the players settle into the groove here on Day 2 of the Queenstown Snowfest, we should point out the unique format for play today.

43 players have started out today at 12:30pm for Day 2a. Those players comprise of our Day 1a survivors and a random allocation of the players who made it through Day 1b. They'll play just three levels this afternoon before taking a four hour break, as a second batch of players start their flight at 4pm. Day 2b will host 44 players which will comprise of the remainder of the Day 1b players, and everyone who made it through Day 1c. They'll also play three levels, before both flights come together at 7:30pm for the continuation of Day 2. It will be the first time they will be in the room together at the same time, with another three levels expected tonight before play wraps up for the day.

While that makes it a longer day for staff (and bloggers!), the players seem pretty positive to the idea of the split format.


Some players have commented to us that they were looking forward to enjoying the day in Queenstown before starting at 4pm this afternoon, while those who are currently here for Day 2a have said that they are happy to enjoy a few hours break away from the tables this afternoon.

There is nothing worse than having to play long 12+ hour days of poker at events such as the Aussie Millions or World Series of Poker. It's a massive grind and everyone is exhausted by the end of it. The APPT has always offered its players more than just a poker tournament, and the short days and unique formats such as this are always designed with the best interests of players in mind, in terms of time spent on the tables and also away from it.

As we approach the end of the second level of the day, there are a few that are enjoying the format more than most. They are our chip leaders.


Lithuanian Laurynas Levinskas might be a tongue twister, but he's letting his chips do all the talking today as he's motored up to a stack of 150,000 for the current chip lead. Sydney's Dave Wonson is also not too far behind with 140,000, while overnight chip leader Dave Allan is the only other player above the 100,000-chip mark.

@PokerStars in Day 2